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Victory: All-Girls Catholic College Reverses Pro-Transgender Policy

Don’t let anyone tell you that prayerful protests are fruitless.

Saint Mary’s College has finally backtracked on its decision to allow men who “identify” as women to enroll at its all-girls Catholic campus in Notre Dame, Indiana.

More than 21,500 people had signed TFP Student Action’s petition, urging the college to uphold Catholic morality and reverse the decision to allow biological men to enroll as women.

Responding to the powerful outcry of faithful Catholic students, alumni, and parents, college president Dr. Katie Conboy issued an apology on Dec. 21, 2023, reversing a previous announcement that blurred the God-made distinction between male and female.

“There have been many voices responding to us from many places and perspectives. We have listened closely, and we have heard each of you,” wrote Dr. Conboy in a letter. “As this last month unfolded, we lost people’s trust and unintentionally created division where we had hoped for unity. For this, we are deeply sorry.”

Dr. Conboy added, “….we will return to our previous admission policy.”

Faithful Catholics were pleased with the news. Claire Bettag, a student at Saint Mary’s College who opposed the pro-transgender policy, told The Daily Signal: “God’s truth will always win.”

Among those who protested the college’s departure from Catholic teaching is Saint Mary’s alumna Clare Ath. “While I would hope the reversal is because administrators realized we must teach the truth with love,” she said, “my guess is the reversal is because alumni banded together, pulled their donations, notified their diocese and media, and said we will not let Our Lady’s college be corrupted by secular gender ideology.”

Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend urged Saint Mary’s to reverse its pro-transgender policy. In a Nov. 27 statement, he laments how “Saint Mary’s departs from fundamental Catholic teaching on the nature of woman and thus compromises its very identity as a Catholic woman’s college.”

TFP Student Action is grateful to everyone who voiced their concern, especially its friends who signed the protest petition to Saint Mary’s College.

Good results are achieved when faithful Catholics band together and fight for moral values. May God encourage more souls to stand up against the ravages of the transgender revolution and protect the sanctity of the family.

Prayerful protests work.