All-Girls Catholic College to Enroll Men Who Identify as Women. Sign Your Protest.

  • November 28, 2023
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Petition Success Update:

Victory: All-Girls Catholic College Reverses Pro-Transgender Policy

Your voice is needed today.

For 179 years, Saint Mary’s College has exclusively served young ladies. But gender ideology is now destroying that tradition.

Starting in 2024, men who self-identify as women will be accepted at Saint Mary’s, an all-girls Catholic school in Notre Dame, Indiana.

According to news reports, college president Dr. Katie Conboy told faculty members in a letter that “Saint Mary’s will consider undergraduate applicants whose sex assigned at birth is female or who consistently live and identify as women.”

Catholic students and alumni are asking for help to restore reason on campus.

Claire Bettag – a junior – told The Daily Signal: “St. Mary’s College is no longer Catholic… Every student should be entitled to a refund for fraudulent misrepresentation… They have abandoned their faith, and they’ve abandoned the women. No woman should be forced to share a bathroom or living quarters with a man.”

Please sign your peaceful protest today!

God created mankind male and female and nobody is born in the “wrong” body.

Urge Saint Mary’s College to reverse its disastrous decision to enroll biological men who claim to be women.

  • Restore reality.
  • Defend true womanhood.
  • Sign your protest today.

(Please be firm yet polite in your communications.)

Dr. Katie Conboy
President, Saint Mary’s College
134 Le Mans Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (574) 284-4602