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Pro-Abortion Feminists Lose Debates on Campus

TFP Student Action volunteers went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on October 27 to oppose the sin of abortion. We displayed our signs and banners in front of the Student Union building and handed out 10 Reasons to Defend the Unborn fliers. Students were mostly receptive. However, as the day went on, pro-abortion feminists became aware of our presence and formed a small counter-demonstration.

The youngest member of our team politely offered a TFP flier to a woman who rejected the handout, replying, "I had an abortion." Then she suddenly flipped her open can of soda upside down and attempted to douse the stack of fliers he held. The sugary mix splashed out, narrowly missing our volunteer and his fliers because he quickly stepped back and evaded the soda. Only a few drops fell on him.

More pro-abortion advocates arrived with signs, but they lacked dynamism and leadership. They placed themselves in front of our large banner that reads: "Planned Parenthood butchers and sells unborn babies. May God convert America." The pro-abortion signs included the predictable, "My body, my choice. Keep abortion safe." Other signs included phrases such as "Against abortion? Don't have one," and "Toxic masculinity ruins the party again."

But the pro-abortion activists did not garner much sympathy. One crestfallen leftist student confessed: "I wish our side had as much enthusiasm for our cause as you [TFP] do for yours." Their "best" argument was a variation of the same theme: Men cannot opine on the topic of abortion because they do not get pregnant. A simple and effective retort was: "Just as you don't need to own a slave to be against slavery, you don't need to be pregnant to defend the innocent. Everyone should defend moral values."

Hearing the discussion, a pro-life student and his girlfriend went up to the group of counter-protesters and said, "Hey, I'm standing with a girl who is not pro-choice!" He came back again later and said the same thing.

"I am a Protestant but God bless y'all in standing for life!" said one of TFP Student Action's followers on social media regarding the campaign. "Continue the fight! I wish Protestants were as outspoken as Catholics in defending life."

Another man came up and started debating in a theatrical manner, with hands flying into the air. He claimed not to believe in any moral principles. Yet he acknowledged that child abuse is inherently wrong, thereby contradicting himself. Contradicting himself once more, he said pedophilia was not wrong after the child reaches a certain age. Continuously fluctuating, this fellow went in circles, questioning the existence of moral absolutes, questioning the existence of God, trying to prove relativism, and Darwinian evolution. It got so ridiculous that an atheist who was arguing with us, said: "I'm going to need to step in here and correct one of my allies. He doesn't know what he's talking about." The atheist berated him forcefully.

Many university students and faculty members expressed their gratitude for the TFP's presence on campus. We told them that we were glad to be there, and thanked them for taking a stance to uphold the moral law of God.