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Pro-Abortionist: "I was a tadpole in my mother's womb"

San Antonio, Texas
July 27, 2018

Today we went back to the Alamo and had conversations with those walking around.

Two TFP volunteers talked with a young lady who had questions about abortion in cases of rape or disability. One of the volunteers explained how, in the case of rape, the child should not receive the death penalty for the crime of his or her father.  Regarding disability, the unborn child is a human person and cannot be deprived of the right to life.  Satisfied with the answers she got, the young woman said, "I will tell my friends about the conversation and try to convince them as well."

One man was engaged in conversation.  He claimed that abortion was entirely a woman’s issue, and that men don't have any say on the topic whatsoever.  When pressed for the reason why, he said, “Well, it’s not me having the baby, so it shouldn’t be me who decides to get rid of it.”  A TFP volunteer replied: “You don’t need to be a slave to know slavery is wrong.”  The man was speechless for a moment, then accused the volunteer of "using reverse psychology to get me to support slavery.” Although his pro-abortion stance remained unchanged, at the end of the conversation he complimented the TFP volunteers on their perseverance.

Five men in their late twenties gathered across the street.  They stood there muttering and jeering. As soon as a TFP member crossed the street to engage them in conversation, three of the five men walked away and only one was willing to debate.

Tadpole or human?

Pro-abortionist:  “What about in the case of rape?”
TFP member:  “It’s terrible that things like that happen, but it would be even more terrible to kill the innocent child. The criminal should be punished, not the baby.”
Pro-abortionist: “How do you know what’s growing in the womb is a human life? Do you have a degree in biology?”
TFP member:  “I don’t need one. Just like I don’t need to be a weatherman to tell it isn’t raining. What a woman is carrying in her womb is a human being. Common sense.”
Pro-abortionist:  “Well, I have a degree in biology, and I can tell you that it’s not a human being until it’s reached 14 weeks.”
TFP member:  “Really? Then what were you before 14 weeks?”
Pro-abortionist:  “A tadpole.”
TFP member:  “You were a tadpole in your mother’s womb? That doesn’t sound very biologically [accurate] to me.”
Pro-abortionist:  “I was a tadpole, a chicken, a pig, until a certain week.”
TFP member:  “A human embryo will never be anything other than human. From the moment of conception, a distinct human being is formed in the womb.”
Pro-abortionist:   “So let's say worst case scenario my daughter is raped, are you going to force her to go through the trauma of that pregnancy?”
Another member joins the debate.
TFP member:  “There are women who do go through with the pregnancy and they don’t regret it, because it would be an even greater trauma to kill their child. What they do is heroic.”

Please continue to pray for us, as we defend the unborn in the public square.  

We are praying for you too.

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