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Pro-Abortion Students Found Speechless at Bloomsburg University


Without bothering to look up from his smart phone, the student took a TFP flier. After walking a few steps, he glanced at it and suddenly froze in place.

He rushed to the nearest TFP volunteer, his face lit up with excitement: “I just wanted to let you know that I am completely against abortion. I’m 23-years-old and a year ago, I got my girlfriend pregnant. It was hard but I couldn’t abort the baby.” He pulled up a picture of his baby on his phone: “That’s my daughter. She’s three months old and she was just baptized.”

He was one of hundreds of students at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania who received TFP Student Action’s informative flier, 10 Reasons to Defend the Unborn on February 26. It was difficult to miss the TFP’s red standard, American flag, the sound of bagpipers and the banner -- "Pray the Rosary to end abortion" -- situated prominently on the campus quad.

"Not You Again!"

“Not you again!” cried a student as sixteen young TFP volunteers arrived on campus. With memories of last year’s TFP rally against transgender ideology still fresh in their minds, students were quick to recognize the TFP.

“I thought we scared you guys off last time,” another student said in disbelief.

“We don’t get scared,” responded a TFP volunteer.

“Yeah, no kidding!” came the reply.

About ten minutes into the campaign, a group of feminists dressed in scarlet cloaks from the “Woman’s Resource Center” began setting up a makeshift booth near the TFP banner. They gave out their own brochures in favor of abortion, carried premade signs and distributed rainbow ribbons.

The undeniable link between the “pro-choice” movement and other radical leftist groups was evident by the kinds of people that joined them: a Satanist sporting a black pentagram T-shirt, a self-professed communist preaching Karl Marx, and several pro-homosexual activists carrying LGBT flags.

Abortion Advocates Refuse to Debate

A second larger counter-protest was also forming in front of the TFP banner. Pro-abortion activists wearing gaudy “angel” costumes that looked like bed sheets gathered to block the TFP banner. A larger white sheet was stretched across to obscured the TFP's message for the unborn. The bizarre sight of blank bed sheets confused some people while generating curiosity in others.

“What in the world is going on here?” asked a U.S. Army officer as he accepted a TFP flyer.

Efforts to engage the pro-abortion demonstrators in civil debate met with stony silence. “Don’t argue with them [TFP]; that’s exactly what they want,” said one pro-abortion student to her friends.

It got so ridiculous that an onlooker intervened and started berating the leftists for refusing to debate. “Why don’t you go talk to them?” he insisted. “Your sign doesn’t even say anything.”

“It does say something,” replied the abortion advocate. “The sign says ‘this is a mess.’”

“This isn’t a mess,” the bystander retorted, “this [TFP presence] is very civilized.”

One pro-abortion sign stood out: “The more you silence us, the louder we become.” But ironically, the same people who claimed they were being silenced were now the ones trying to block and suppress the TFP’s message in defense of the unborn.

The Shocking Abortion Mindset

“I had an abortion and I was happy when I did it!” a student blurted.

“What a real shame. I’ll be praying for you,” answered a TFP volunteer.

“Yeah, thanks a lot!” she shouted back, cynically.

A heavily tattooed student rejected a TFP flyer, adding: “I’m definitely pro-murder. I believe that we should get rid of anyone who is a barrier to progress.”

The TFP volunteer probed: “Do you think that I'm a barrier to progress?”

“Yah, I think you are.”

“Then do you believe that I should be murdered?”

“I don’t really care a [expletive] about what happens to you. If you were murdered, I’d put a smiley-face on my [social media] profile page,” he said.

From this exchange, we clearly see how those who callously deny the humanity of the unborn child also disregard the value of all human life.

Examples of Support

A good number of students and faculty members expressed their support, usually with a thumbs-up or a word of encouragement such as “Keep up the good work.”

“My daughter is a professor here," said an older gentleman, "and my wife sent me over to take a picture of you because we really liked what we saw.”

While in disagreement, a leftist professor said he respected the courtesy displayed by TFP members. “I think it's important for students hear what the other side has to say. I teach my students to be critical thinkers, and that includes weighing in on both sides of the issue.”

TFP doesn’t persuade anyone?

Leftists often claim that TFP campaigns do not persuade anyone. However, experience has often shown the opposite to be true.

"Last year when you came to campus, I was a raging liberal," one student offered. "Now, I totally agree with you."

TFP Student Action also received this email:

“I wanted to express my thanks today to your organization. My son is a student at Bloomsburg University and he told me he saw some Catholics from the TFP handing out brochures on the evils of abortion. He talked with them for a little while and told them he was happy they were there…

"Please keep up the fight," she continued. "My son said it got people talking in his class and that is a good first step. It is a struggle to live out the faith on secular college campuses, but there are young people who support you. But many of them live in fear to step out either in class or among their peers. The holy boldness of your missionaries is sometimes all one of them needs to be empowered to make the right decision or speak out against this terrible evil.”

God bless all of the pro-life students and faculty at Bloomsburg University and give them the strength to carry on the crusade to end the sin of procured abortion.