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Truth vs. Transgenderism Sparks Raging Debate at Bloomsburg University


By John Paul Tomba

When pro-transgender college students claim they can morph from male to female at will and "force" their biology to change overnight to satisfy a feeling, it's easy to understand how Gender Ideology is harming critical thought and twisting the truth about human nature.

To challenge the transgender movement's claims, TFP Student Action volunteers visited Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania on April 24, 2017.  What they witnessed and captured on film during their peaceful demonstration is revealing.

On a busy walkway, TFP volunteers set up a large banner:  "God created them male and female (Gen. 5:2) -- Stop the ravages of transgender ideology." Hundreds of students welcomed the handout that was shared with them, titled "10 Reasons Why Transgenderism is the Family's Worst Enemy."

Leftist Vandal and Heated Debate

Within minutes, however, pro-transgender students hurried over to the location where the campaign for moral values was unfolding.  For the next two hours, dozens of college leftists gathered to yell, curse against God, interrupt civil discussions, rip up pro-family fliers, and throw trash.  One individual poured a bottle of water into our box of flyers, ruining many. When the police officer nearby was notified of this vandalism, the vandal fled.

The counter-demonstration grew to about ninety.  They waved rainbow flags.  Two large white sheets were stretched out to block TFP Student Action's banners and signs.  And only a handful of leftist students agreed to have a civil discussion.  One, for example, said:  "I don't agree with you, but I am impressed that you are here."

After screaming profanities, a student walked up to a TFP volunteer and attempted to shake his hand, saying, "You guys are doing a great job."
"Really?" replied the incredulous TFP member.
"Yah," said the liberal, "the Third Reich has to rise sometime."

As the pro-transgender crowd displayed rage, a ring of silent, young spectators formed on the edges of the scene.  They observed.  Listened.  But spoke little.  "I agree with you  [TFP]," offered one.  "I don't like that transgender stuff, but I keep my mouth shut.  If you say something, they fall on top of you with names.  It's not good."

Who Won These Debates?

Most of the debates revolved around what the majority of students refused to accept: Objective truth and the fact that feelings don't change nature.

TFP volunteer, Willam Gossett, had the following exchange with a professor:

Mr. Gossett: "If I can identify as whatever I want, can I be a tree?"
Professor: "Yes."
Mr. Gossett: "Can I be a professor?"
Professor: "Yes."
Mr. Gossett: "Can I start teaching on campus right now?"
Professor: "No!"
Mr. Gossett: "Why not? Why are you limiting me?"
Professor:  No answer.

Another interesting discussing developed like this:

Student: "There is no absolute right and wrong."
TFP member:  "But murder is always wrong."
Student: "No. Sometimes murder is ok.  I'm from the inner city and I may have had to murder someone."
TFP member:  "But it's always wrong to kill an innocent human being."
Student:  "You can't say that.  You don't know what I've been through.  Everyone's life is different."
TFP member:  "Would you agree that racism is wrong?
Student: "Yes."
TFP member: "Is racism always wrong?  Or only sometimes?  Or only when I feel like it's wrong?"
Student:  "Don't even go there!"

Police officers were on hand to preserve order.  However, the facade of so-called tolerance is crumbling.  According to The Washington Times, a recent editorial written by students at Wellesley College advocated in favor of using violence to stifle free speech.  These young liberals argued that "hostility may be warranted" against those who are "given the resources to learn" but "refuse to adapt their beliefs."

No Matter What, Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Does that mean God-loving Americans will face increasing persecution for defending the truth?  At this point of the Culture War, it would be naive to think that those who refuse to fall for the fallacies of the new transgender tyranny will be treated with tolerance by those who cry "tolerance."  But no matter what happens, the truth will prevail, because lies never survive on their own without artificial support.