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The Very Rich Moral Significance of Simple Household Objects

Even simple household objects can express great meaning, creating an ambiance that rests the soul as well as the body.

The Grandeur of the King Dignifies the Cook

The beauty, splendor, and nobility of Windsor Castle and the monarchy elevates, not crushes, the humble activity of the cook.

Do Public Awards and Punishments Dignify and Stimulate or Corrupt and Humiliate?

The public bestowal of honors and the application of punishments does not violate Christian charity but conforms to the morals and practices of the Holy Church.

The Devil's False Promise of Happiness

What happiness we can achieve on this Earth comes not from the frenetic pursuit of sensual pleasures but from a life of sacrifice, duty, austerity, and virtue.

True Glory Can Only Be Born of Pain

True glory in the military or the Church comes from a proven history of facing suffering, struggle, and hardships with courage and combativity.

Pagan Manliness and False Christian Patience

Certain works of art discreetly contradict the Church's teaching about moral perfection.

Was Youth Made for Pleasure or Heroism?

Unlike the modern spirit as expressed by Elvis Presley, youth was not made for pleasure, but for heroism.

Regal Splendor and Popular Comfort

The same century that saw the building of the Castle of Chenonceau for the Kings of France also saw immense wealth and comfort for the rural, common people.

Love and Fear in Christian Piety

Traditional religious art can be of much help demonstrating how Our Lord Jesus Christ should be both loved and feared.

Refinement without Weakness, Strength without Brutality

Abbot Chautard and Bishop Vital were masterpieces of balance between strength and refinement, and how Faith can vivify man with invincible energies.

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