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Man Attacks Pro-Life Woman: Arrested

Charged with 8 counts of assault and 7 counts of mischief.

Who does Georgetown serve? God or Planned Parenthood?

The drift away from the truth continues.

10 Reasons Why Transgenderism Is the Family's Worst Enemy

What the transgender revolution wants is self-destructive, tyrannical, unscientific, immoral, abusive, and unhealthy.

7 Stunning Replies to Top Liberal Lies

1. "You're just a bigot" 2: "Don't you dare judge" 3. "You're just so intolerant" and 4 more...

12 Shocking Quotes: How Same-Sex "Marriage" Spells the Death of Natural Marriage

Just as civil unions were a mere stepping stone to reach same-sex "marriage," the movement to redefine marriage will continue on its reckless course until it shatters the concept of true marriage and family.

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