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TFP Prayer Tour Brings Hope to 38 State Capitals (5 Video Updates)

Everywhere TFP volunteers go – from California to Florida – they’re meeting people who say the same thing:

“Our country needs all the prayer we can get.”

Most Americans understand that prayer is a powerful remedy to chaos. Because the more we live in accordance with God’s plan, the more society will enjoy true order and true peace.

As you might already know, that’s why the American TFP launched a daring prayer crusade:

To organize rosary rallies at all 50 state capitals & U.S. territories.

It’s a bold mission. With lots of travel. With many challenges. But so vital to the future of One Nation Under God.

So far, 38 state capitals had successful rallies.

Only 12 more states and U.S. territories remain to be visited.

The historic and miraculous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima that travels with Patrick Sabat of the World Apostolate of Fatima went to eleven state capitals.

What a blessing that was!

Click here to see our latest video updates about the prayer tour.

For example:

  • At the Illinois State Capitol, two Satanists dressed in black tried to stop the recitation of the rosary. But they failed to silence the faithful.
  • Police officers everywhere are extremely happy to receive Saint Michael Medals from TFP Student Action volunteers as they travel from to state to state.
  • In the same cities disfigured and shattered by riots and anarchy, the rosary rally brings a message of calm, courage and confidence.

Now, TFP Student Action volunteers are on the final stretch to conquer more capitals for Jesus and Mary.

If you want to help sponsor TFP Student Action’s trip to more states, please consider filling our gas tank. A gift of $70.00, for example, will keep the van rolling for more than 300 miles.

Most importantly, please join the spiritual crusade to pray for America’s urgent return to order.

No matter what happens, and how bad things get, we know the “gates of hell shall not prevail” (Matt 16:18).

In addition, you and I must never lose courage or give up hope at all because Our Lady promised that her Immaculate Heart will triumph. The light always dispels the darkness.

Saint Michael the Archangel is with us.

With God, all things are possible.

Without God, our beloved nation will not endure.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.