Mar 24, 2011 Print this article

Traditional Marriage Tour Rolls into New Hampshire

Today we reached New Hampshire, the Granite State. In considerably cooler weather, we campaigned for traditional marriage in Nashua, near City Hall.

The response was positive for the most part, with constant honking. It was good to meet local friends who came out to the intersection to support the effort. God bless them.

Three police cars arrived. For some unknown reason, they decided that our rally was blocking the sidewalk, interfering with pedestrian traffic, although the sidewalks were empty.

"You need a permit to do this," they insisted. "If you don't leave, we'll write you up for disorderly conduct," the officer said. It was already nearing lunch time, so we moved on.

A woman pulled up to the curb where TFP member Mr. Gregory Escaro stood: "Be careful, I might run you over," she said.

Another disagreeable thing happened. As we got into our van, a car pulled up beside us. The woman inside the vehicle spat on our windows and doors, and then sped away. We visited a car wash and cleaned if off.

Snow fell intermittently during the afternoon. Its beauty added a new note of challenge, enhancing the campaign. The honking for traditional marriage kept up at a good rate for the duration of the rally.

Thank you for your prayers.

We need them as we press forward to defend God-ordained marriage in New Hampshire.

Saint Joseph, patron of our tour, pray for us!