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On the front lines for marriage in Minnesota

Reporting from Minneapolis -- St. Paul

With about 64,000 passing cars per day, the campaign on University Ave. in Saint Paul was excellent for its high visibility. Right away we encountered a man concerned about his children. “I want to be able to send my kid to kindergarten without being told about homosexuality,” he said, walking away with a copy of 10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must Be Opposed.

A motorcycle stopped at the light. The rider, a black man, said: “I don’t care. I’m not honking because interracial marriage used to be illegal.”“But homosexual behavior is a choice, not a skin color,” replied a TFP volunteer. “In fact, I know about people who have left the homosexual lifestyle entirely – men who are happily married to women and now have their own families with happy children.” “I still don’t care,” he said.

The public is sharply divided. Three women turned up with pro-homosexual signs and stood across the street attempting to garner support. Demoralized by all the honking for real marriage, they slunk away after a short period of time.

A strange sight met us as we approached our van: a man in shorts, t-shirt and combat boots, stretching as though getting ready for a fight. Well, that’s what he wanted as he let out string of unrepeatable insults and threats to provoke a physical fight. The only insult I can repeat is the word “Nazi,” which he repeated over and over again. Of course we refused to fall into his trap. What a twisted thought to equate the defense of the sanctity of real marriage to Nazism.

Two flying bottles

At the intersection of Aldrich and County Rd 42 we set up. Immediately people started honking and were very outspoken. Most were favorable such as the woman who took the time to slow down without holding up traffic to tell us, “I'm very proud of you.”

In contrast, a woman called us “bigots” and claimed that God’s marriage was “offensive.” But she was interrupted by a man who came walking down the street saying, “I want to shake all of your hands.”

At this location, a man shouted “hail Satan!” to respond to our presence and message. It is interesting to note that those who stand on the side of homosexual unions often choose Satan as their cry. This has happened repeatedly at other locations as well. They recognize that the vast chasm that separates true marriage from homosexual vice is ultimately nothing less than the unreconcilable difference between God and Satan.

The steady honking for God’s marriage was interrupted by a flying glass Starbucks coffee bottle flung from a moving car. The bottle fell short of hitting one of our volunteers. Perhaps working in tandem, another car followed suite, hurling a soda can at us as well. When the opposition can’t silence you, they often resort to actions that are against the law. Does “tolerance” and “diversity” motivate such behavior? Really?

Near the Cathedral of Saint Paul

Just down the street from the Cathedral is a very busy intersection, particularly during the 5:00 PM rush hour. Again, there was a lot of support, even elation. “You fellows are very courageous,” said a Catholic gentleman. “You made my day!”