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Socialism, Sodomy, and Satanism Unite at Towson University

“Hail Satan!” screamed the self-proclaimed socialist who also muttered pro-transgender propaganda.

The clash between young Catholics and pro-socialist students took place February 21, 2023, when TFP Student Action volunteers went to Towson University in Maryland to oppose socialism.

Reactions were divided on campus. Although many students expressed disdain for socialist ideas that have shipwrecked so many nations, others, supporters of communism and socialism, displayed vulgar hatred.

Is Free Speech Free?

TFP volunteers set up their campaign at Freedom Square in the heart of campus. Their banner read, “May God Protect America from Socialism,” and they handed out flyers titled “Ten Reasons to Reject Socialism.”

In a short time, hundreds of flyers circulated and dozens of debates followed.

University officials arrived, however, to say that prior permission was needed for TFP volunteers to exercise their First Amendment rights in Freedom Square.

According to Towson University’s website, Freedom Square’s mission is to “provide a forum for the campus community to express and deliberate issues of civic concern.” The square “shall be a haven for freedom of expression and speech, in addition to encouraging an atmosphere of critical thinking and debate.”

The scene was ironic. A university official and two police officers escorted the volunteers away from Freedom Square to Towson University’s “designated public space,” a desolate place off campus with zero interaction with students.

After all, free speech is not so free.

But instead of being dismayed, TFP volunteers found a busy street corner where students walked. At this location, they continued their outreach.

“TFP is here!”

One man, with rosary in hand, arrived with his daughters, who attend Towson University, to thank TFP Student Action for their presence on campus. After watching TFP videos, they were excited to finally see a campaign in person and exclaimed: “TFP is here! Thank you so much for what you do.”

Other exchanges include:

Student: “What if I am pro-socialist?”
TFP volunteer Joseph Dunlap: “Then you would be wrong.”
Student: “I like your answer. Give me a flyer.”

-- “You passed the physiognomy test: you’re all presentable, handsome, and standing up for the right thing.”
-- “Play more bagpipes!”
-- “I watch your videos. Keep it up.”

Shaking Mad

Although a good number of students supported TFP, others embraced Marxism.

One leftist wearing rainbow colored pins and patches approached shaking with rage. She told a TFP volunteer that his arguments against socialism were “ignorant” and that he should use his energy “for a more meaningful cause.” The volunteer explained how the abolition of private property is evil. “To return to order,” he said, “America needs organic Christian society.”

Socialist: “Do you believe in the separation of Church and State?”
TFP: “I believe in a happy concord between Church and State.”
Socialist: “Don’t you know universities and hospitals are socialist institutions?”
TFP: “Wrong. Both those institutions – universities and hospitals – flourished in the Middle Ages under the guidance of the Catholic Church.”

The TFP volunteer bid the socialist a good day, saying, “God bless you.”
Socialist: “Don’t say that!”

Socialism, Sodomy and Satanism Unite

Not all socialists at Towson University wanted to risk a frontal debate. Instead, they resorted to vulgar insults, and ad hominem attacks.

“You’re all white nationalists!” one (white) leftist yelled.
“Do I look white to you?” asked TFP member Jon Paul (who is brown).

One leftist drove by screaming vulgar insults. But because he was paying more attention to his profanity than the road, he hit the curb. After a loud pop, he drove away with a flat tire. Another socialist began to eat a TFP flyer but promptly spit it out once he saw he was being filmed.

The socialists had poor arguments. For example:

Socialist: “There are many good socialist policies.”
TFP: “Do you have one example?”
Socialist: “No, I don’t have any examples.”

A pro-transgender man, pretending to be a woman, persisted in following TFP volunteers everywhere they went. He and his pro-homosexual friends made signs supporting sodomy. One TFP volunteer asked him what his sign had to do with socialism. He responded, “Uh… Nothing.”

The pro-transgender individual then blared the anthem of the USSR (Communist Soviet Union) from a loud speaker he waved above his head.

TFP: “Are you in favor of communist Russia?”
Socialist: “Yes!”
TFP: “Do you favor the millions of murders communist Russia committed?”
Socialist: Silence

But another socialist arrived with a second loud speaker over which he spewed perverse lyrics too vulgar to quote. Both danced in an absurd manner while swearing insults.

To finish their campaign, TFP members prayed three Hail Marys to the Mother of God. During the prayer, the pro-transgender, pro-socialist side invoked their own master by screaming “Hail Satan!”

What is the Connection?

Why did these leftist students link sodomy and satanism with their socialist ideology?

Satan loves sensuality, pride, and egalitarianism, which are fundamental to both sodomy and socialism. God is the ultimate inequality as He is above all creation, and He created a symphony of different creatures.

Although men are equal in essence, they are not in their accidents. Just as the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms reflect different aspects of God’s perfection, each man is unique and is called to serve God according to his qualities.

The LGBT movement, however, demands total equality between the sin of perversion and the virtues of the traditional family, while socialism demands economic equality between all classes, which undermines the natural right to private property. Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira explains this revolutionary process in his masterpiece, Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

In short, socialism attacks tradition, family, and property. And that is why TFP Student Action will continue to oppose it, especially on college campuses.