Sign Protest Against Drag Show at Catholic University

  • March 28, 2024
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This urgent message just arrived:

Hello, My brother is a seminarian who attends John Carroll University, a Jesuit university in Cleveland, Ohio, which partners with Borromeo seminary. He recently noticed drag show posters littering the JCU campus. Can we please start a petition to end it?

Yes, everyone is invited to sign this prayerful protest.

The event is scheduled for the evening of April 5. It is called "Gender as Power and Performance," and it features a faculty panel with four "doctors" giving LGBTQ agenda talks. It ends with a drag show afterward.

Please help us stop this from corrupting not only the general populace of JCU, but also the seminarians who must go there. Thank you for all you do. ~ Lucy

Please sign the petition to help faithful students fight for their Faith.

The sinful drag show will be prepared by a series of pro-LGBT talks.

For example:

  • Dr. Joe Krivos’ talk is titled: “Radical embrace: wholistic well-being and drag culture in the queer community.”
  • Dr. Malia McAndrew’s lecture is described in these terms: “There is something chic about women wearing men’s clothes: Lesbian activists as fashionable women in the fight for queer rights in the United States, 1955–1972.”
  • Dr. Dianna Taylor’s talk will focus on “Drag and the social construction of gender.”

Please sign your peaceful protest today.