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Victory for the Unborn at “Most Left-Wing” University in America

When TFP Student Action led campaign for traditional marriage at Brown University in 2011, hundreds of leftist students surrounded them, screaming, “Never come back!”

Twelve years later, TFP was back in full force.

“What are you doing here?!”

On October 26, 2023, as part of a week-long tour of universities in New England, TFP Student Action volunteers braved Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island once again to defend innocent life against abortion.

Just as TFP volunteers reached Brown’s front gate an older woman, probably a leftist professor, booed loudly. Before unfurling their banner, “Pray and act to end the sin of abortion,” reactions already started.

“Thank you so much for coming here,” one student said. “It takes a lot of courage to do this at Brown.”

Two students, after refusing a pro-life leaflet, asked in disbelief, “What are you doing here?! This is the most left-wing university in America.” A TFP volunteer responded, “We want to see how open-minded Brown students are to our position.”

At first, few dared to debate. Some students mentioned how they had heard about the TFP campaign on campus 12 years earlier, demonstrating the legend and long lasting impact of TFP’s outreach.

In fact, news of TFP Student Action’s campaign at Harvard University the previous day had already reached Brown as one student mentioned hearing about it.

TFP member Kenneth Murphy talks to students at Brown.
TFP member Kenneth Murphy engaging with a student at Brown University.

“They are smarter than us.”

TFP volunteers enjoy high caliber debates. Because of that, disappointment set in when Brown students only offered trite, worn-out clichés such as, “You are all men,” “My body, my choice,” and “You’re Nazis.”

Yet TFP members had rebuttals for each verbal attack:

Leftist professor: “As men, you don’t have an opinion.”
TFP: “Well, at least you’re against gender ideology. You agree that men can’t get pregnant.”
Leftist professor: “Shut up!”

Pro-abort: “You are Nazis.”
TFP: Did you know that the Nazi, Dr. Josef Mengele fled to Argentina after the war and became a leading abortion doctor?

Old leftist: “You can’t get pregnant, so you can’t have an opinion.”
TFP: “Everyone has the right to defend the innocent, even old women well past their child-bearing age.”

Every debate ended with the pro-life victory. This prompted one student to warn others: “They want to drag you into a debate,” she said. “Don’t let them. They are smarter, so they will beat you.” The others agreed, “Yeah, you’re right. They are smarter than us.”

Morbid Comments

Lacking the ability to debate in a civil manner, pro-abortion students resorted to insults and morbid statements such as:

- “Hail Satan!”
- “You are all going to hell!”
- “I love murder! I love killing babies!”
- “You are all botched abortions.”
- “I wish your mother aborted you!”
- “I wish you were dead!”

Incoherent Counter Protest

After three hours, a pro-abortion counter-protest formed: Two students shouted an incoherent phrase they got from a TikTok video. They had no signs. Nor could they explain what they were saying. They simply repeated the meaningless jingle over and over.

“To be honest, I don’t know what they are doing or saying,” said a pro-abortion student who walked by.

After shouting for an hour, a few more pro-abortion students joined them with small signs, reading, “I [heart] abortion.” They tried to get other students to join them but with little success.

The Beauty of Motherhood Makes Leftist Cry

One female student approached Damien Murphy with a fallacious argument. “It [the baby] is just a blob of cells.” “Aren’t you a blob of cells?” asked Mr. Murphy. “Yes, but the fetus is just feeding off the mother.” Mr. Murphy then used her statement to explain a beautiful fact about motherhood.

“Of course the mother nourishes the baby, but the baby also helps the mother. It has been proven that if a pregnant mother becomes sick the stem cells of the unborn child will help the mother get better even in the case of cancer. That’s really beautiful.”

The now calm leftist teared up. “You’re right it is [beautiful].”

Mr. Murphy continued, “We live in a society that denigrates the role of a mother. That role is praiseworthy. Mothers are amazing and it is a beautiful role in society.

The pro-abortion leftist continued to cry stunned by the truth.

Abortion’s Ugly Face

Pro-abortion provocations did not discourage the stalwart pro-life volunteers, but the ugly face of the Culture of Death unmasked itself.

Several students slapped flyers out of the peaceful volunteers’ hands. Others ripped them up. Yet another tried to eat a TFP flyer but failed and spit it out in the road.

Three students threatened violence. One swung at TFP member Ross Van Deventer’s face, two spat at them, and one spat on the TFP sign, which reads, “Abortion offends God.”

TFP bagpipers played Amazing Grace and God Bless America. In response, a group of pro-aborts arrived with instruments: a saxophone, clarinet, and two drums. Whenever the bagpipers played, this group got in their faces to disrupt the patriotic melodies with noise and cacophony.

As this was happening, a man dressed as a woman grabbed the bagpipes from behind and tried to drag the TFP bagpiper to the ground. The volunteers immediately shouted “aggressor” and the attacker swiftly ran away.

One pro-abortion feminist tried to force Daniel Slobodnik to take a sheet of paper. When he politely declined, she shoved it into his chest. The morbid paper read: “My womb cannot carry the soul that discriminates against me. My flesh and blood cannot become a knife that stabs me. If the world born from my [vulgarity] oppresses me. THEN I WON’T LET THE THIS (sic) WORLD BE BORN.”

The Truth Shone Brightly

With on a prayer on their lips, confiding in God’s grace, TFP Student Action volunteers stood their ground and accomplished what they had set out to do at Brown University: proclaim the truth, promote moral values, and defend the unborn. Nothing would convince them to stop their noble undertaking. Not abuse. Not pro-abortion curses. Not feminist spittle. Not cacophonous noise.

Although numerically outnumbered by students who espouse abortion on demand, TFP volunteers stood firm in their convictions, certain that the light of truth would shatter the darkness of leftist lies. And it did.

Over the megaphone, they confirmed the purpose of their spiritual crusade for everyone to hear: “To restore the moral fabric of the red, white and blue. To honor the good, the beautiful and the true!”

Yes, it is possible to defend the truth, even at Brown University.