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Biology is Hate for Pro-Transgender Students at Shippensburg University

For the woke, basic biology is considered to be hateful.

Young TFP Student Action volunteers went to Shippensburg University on March 4, 2022, to expose and denounce the errors of the pro-transgender revolution. The loss of reason has reached such an extreme that basic biology – the distinction between male and female – is considered to be “hate” among the woke. Reality is repudiated. As a result, children are being physically mutilated to appease the radical demands of the sexual revolution.

Immediate Opposition

As soon as the TFP grand standard was unfurled and banners went up, TFP volunteers prayed to God and the Blessed Mother for a successful day defending family values. Immediately, Shippensburg University students manifested resistance to the truth by shouting “fascists,” a common ad hominem attack. The verbal attacks soon grew more ferocious and perverse.

TFP’s truth-packed handout, “10 Reasons Why Transgenderism Is the Family's Worst Enemy,” was widely circulated among students. Objections flew liberally: “If you don’t sin, you will die for nothing,” said one lost student. Another parroted the old cliché “it doesn’t hurt anybody” to justify transgender ideology (cutting off healthy body parts is harmful). But some went so far as to declare that they supported the abuse of children through transgender surgeries and puberty-blocking drugs.

Woke students ripped the TFP fliers to pieces, threw them away, or attempted to steal stacks of them. One in particular pretended to have a violent hand tremor that “caused” him to repeatedly drop the flier until he let out a string of profanities and stormed off. Another odd student stood in front of one of the volunteers with a snowball melting in his hand while an additional student went into a rage, punched a brick wall, and left in visible pain.

Counter-Protest Forms

Counter-protesters formed to interfere with the pro-family event. Although it was not raining, they held umbrellas and waved rainbow flags. In response, TFP members sang “We Want God.”

At the end of the campaign, TFP volunteers gave their usual battle cry, “Tradition, Family, Property – America!” and retired from their posts. However, because the counter-protesters continued their pestering, the hymn “We Want God” was sang again as a way of warding off the “tolerant” hecklers.

That’s when an enthusiastic young man arrived to thank those who participated in the campaign for “having the courage to go out and stand up for the truth.” He was ecstatic to see TFP volunteers on his campus.

Certainty of Victory

Although college campuses are more and more closed to the truth, those who are open to it understand that they can no longer stay on the sidelines. The spiritual battle for the soul of America and the family is in progress. The task is daunting. But the outcome of the struggle for moral values is certain for those who have Faith in God and His promise that the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

Moreover, as Scripture announces, the proud serpent was defeated eternally by the humble heel of the Virgin Most Pure: “she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel” (Genesis 3:15). Therefore, let us not waver in our total trust in God’s final victory over evil.