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Abortion Debate: Why Do Liberals Hate the Right to Life?

Fighting abortion on the front lines is not always easy. But when you go to a liberal college campus, where every inch of culture war territory is disputed, progress can go from tough to tougher.

Watch this amazing footage:

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But thank God, TFP Student Action volunteers were up for the challenge as they set up their signs and banners in defense of the God-given right to life at Millersville University on April 15, 2019. The campus located near Lancaster, Penn. is usually calm with its small-town neighborhood atmosphere.

Arrested for Spitting

That relative calm was shattered, however, when pro-abortion advocates caught wind of the peaceful TFP demonstration. Pockets of pro-abortion students quickly joined forces with pro-LGBT activists to disrupt and provoke. One student went so far as to spit at two TFP members, which didn't end well for him. Police officers handcuffed the “pro-choice” man as he yelled: “They don't like it when you spit on them!”

“You can voice your opinion,” said the police officer, “but you can’t be spitting on people.”

The spitting incident did not sit well with students who were listening to the sidewalk debates about the vital importance of the right to life. Insults and spitting have zero intellectual or persuasive power. Such vulgar behavior only helps to shift opinion away from the culture of death and closer to a morally correct posture.

By engaging the public TFP Student Action shows young Americans how much we need a society that is governed by reason and morals as opposed to a morally relativistic society which leads to chaos and anarchy.

Using TFP Videos for Debate

And the message for moral values is spreading. “A week ago I was researching for an abortion debate, and I found your videos on YouTube,” said one student who stopped to chat. “I was just thinking about you, and I was driving down the street, and you guys were just here.”

During the lunch hour rush, TFP volunteers displayed their anti-abortion banner on campus and distributed hundreds of flyers, 10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn. Due to the ferocity of the wind, the banner eventually tore apart in three places. Undeterred by this, the volunteers continued to hand out flyers and reach more students.

But a small counter-protest formed across the street. Pro-abortion students held signs, reading, “Choice Equals Freedom,” and the ubiquitous and tired slogan, “My Body, My Choice,” and “Roe wasn’t the beginning of having abortions, it was the end of women dying from them.”

The question arose: Why should people have the so-called freedom to choose to kill an innocent unborn baby or even desire to have such a choice? Never in the history of humanity have so many innocent lives been lost—all in the sanitized name of “choice.”

Reason can be a rare commodity on campus. Several students ripped up our flyers, littering the sidewalk with them. Yes, those who are supposedly “tolerant” frequently end up being the most uncivil and intolerant.

One pro-abortion student even declared that he saw nothing wrong with murder. “I see nothing wrong with it,” he said. “I'm a masochist.”

Man Claims to Have a Uterus

“If the baby has a heartbeat, should it be allowed to live?” was a question the counter-protesters refused to answer. “Look,” one of them retorted, “if you don’t have a uterus you really shouldn’t have any opinion on the matter.” So TFP member Matthew Miller turned to the pro-abortion man with a beard, standing with his pro-abortion sign, and said, well, “he doesn't have a uterus.” But the man surprisingly said: “Actually, I do [have a uterus]. I’m transgender.”

The transgender revolution is clearly united with the abortion movement.

At the end of our campaign, a student, livid with rage, approached spewing a stream of the foulest vitriol. While he jumped up and down frantically and erratically, the possibility of demonic possession came to mind. We prayed. Right afterward, two students came up and apologized for his terrible behavior. “Don’t let them scare you away, guys... Bunch of liberals—they’re crazy.”

So why do liberals hate the right to life?

You're invited to answer and comment below.

God bless you!

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