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When Will Seton Hall University Stop Broadcasting Satanic Music? Young Catholics Take a Stand.

Satanic rock is bad enough. But when a Catholic university, called to teach truth and oppose evil, sponsors a satanic rock station, the situation is much worse.

The WSOU 89.5 FM radio station of Catholic Seton Hall University, owned by the Archdiocese of Newark, has been playing explicit satanic rock and blasphemous content against Christianity.

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Taking a Stand

TFP Student Action, a national network of Catholic students and concerned parents who are committed to defend traditional moral values and work to restore Christian Civilization in America, had to take a stand. On April 26, TFP volunteers, students of St. Louis de Montfort Academy, and a throng of faithful Catholics stood in prayerful protest and reparation outside the entrance of the university.

The public recitation of the rosary and the Marian hymns played by on the bagpipes encouraged those who saw the event. “You are an inspiration to the older generation and hopefully a courageous witness to the next,” said one lady. Another added, “Thank you for making us proud to be a Catholic again.”

“What are you protesting?” asked one man. When he was informed, he said, “That’s wrong! They should not be doing this.”

Not all reactions were favorable. Two students from Seton Hall University stood with cardboard signs that read, “Satan hates metal” and “God loves metal.” A few screamed “Hail Satan!” while they made the devil horns with their hands.

Later that afternoon, concerned Catholics went to the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Newark where they held another peaceful rally, respectfully asking the Archbishop of Newark, His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Tobin, to shut down WSOU’s satanic content.

Drivers traveling on Clifton Ave. responded to the display of banner and signs opposing Satanism with loud honks of approval. Only a lone man in black attempted to interrupt the prayers with insults as he made a devil horn gesture.

For many months, Catholics in New Jersey and beyond have expressed their concern regarding WSOU radio’s immoral content. A combined total of 29,000 people signed petitions sponsored by TFP Student Action and Return to Order.
These signatures were delivered to both Seton Hall University and Cardinal Tobin’s secretary on April 26, 2021.

TFP Student Action director John Ritchie (L) delivering the petition to Cardinal Tobin's office.

Is Satanic Rock “Family-Friendly?”

Although satanic rock demonstrates a visceral hatred for God and Christianity, WSOU claims that its content passes the “family-friendly” test for the Catholic campus.

“All songs on WSOU are screened for content to ensure that lyrics do not undermine the mission and values of Seton Hall University or the Catholic Church,” the radio station explains on its website. “If a band or song isn’t appropriate for WSOU, we don’t play it.”

The university’s disclaimer, however, is nothing but lipstick on a pig.

For example:

  • WSOU 89.5 radio featured “Blacken the Cursed Sun” from the album titled “Sacrament” by the band blasphemously named “Lamb of God.” The cover of the album features a sacrilegious mockery of the Holy Eucharist.
  • WSOU 89.5 radio aired “No Light Shall Save Us” by the band Carnifex. Its lyrics are clearly satanic: “Blessed are the damned… This hell is home…” The lyrics continue: “We stole the stars from the sky. From the hand of God to death divine. We stole the light from their eyes. Condemning the world to eternal night.”
  • “Make America Hate Again” by the band Thy Art is Murder was another title featured on the “Catholic” radio. Lyrics read: “I want blood, I want chaos… More chaos, more chaos, more chaos…”
  • WSOU 89.5 radio played a song called “Necromania” by the group Electric Wizard. The title is bad enough but the macabre piece describes a satanic ritual murder. In 2019 WSOU 89.5 sponsored a concert by GWAR, a hellish rock group that calls humanity a “parasitical disease that must be eradicated.”
  • One of the band’s albums attacks Our Lord directly with a song titled “Let Us Slay” whose lyrics state: “We have no need for your crippled Christ… We don't have to hide our genocide… I twist the dagger that's deep in your guts.”

Satanic Rock is Not a Catholic Value

Furthermore, the music WSOU features appears to be in conflict with Seton Hall’s mission statement, which claims to “provide students with an experience that incorporates … Catholic values to enhance student life and learning.”
In addition, the station’s website mentions that its “core values” support “the Catholic mission of Seton Hall University and the Archdiocese of Newark.”

“What a disgrace,” said TFP Student Action director, John Ritchie. “You have a Catholic campus running a radio station that broadcasts filthy, blasphemous, and satanic music. I really hope Seton Hall wakes up and sees how their radio station is undermining common decency and destroying the Catholic culture, the very culture that built the university,” he said.

“If the campus cleans up the radio, more souls will be uplifted and saved. But if the station continues offending God, more souls will be engulfed by the swamp of sin. We can’t serve two masters. We either serve Christ or the devil. Which master will the university serve?”