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Elite Prep Schools Betray Founder, Place Transgenderism over Tradition

“...the first and principal object of this Institution is the promotion of true Piety and Virtue.”– John Phillips, founder of Phillips Exeter Academy

Not long ago, transgender propaganda was relegated to sparsely attended courses in liberal academia, but today it is inserting itself everywhere. Now two unlikely institutions have announced that they will be conforming to Gender Ideology: Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts.

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These two elite boarding schools, founded in 1781 and 1778 respectively, are among the oldest and most prestigious in the country. They are universally recognized as symbols of tradition. According to NPR, though, the schools are forgoing their noble reputation with a new experiment: Special facilities that cater to transgender interests.

In the case of Phillips Exeter, the Kirtland House – currently a girls’ dormitory – will be transformed into a so-called “all-gender dorm.” Already the bathroom signs there are labeled “gender-neutral bathroom[s].” In addition to promoting transgenderism, the school will soon allow boys and girls to live under the same roof – no doubt a recipe for disaster. The transgender housing option will start this Fall.

Moral sticks-in-the-mud need not worry, however, as transgender teacher Alice Myers (who prefers to be called Alex) assures that there will be a resident adult to keep order. Her only concern seems to be that these units may be “taking away diversity from our [other] dorms.”

John Palfrey, headmaster of Phillips Academy Andover, says that gender-neutral dorm arrangements are “entirely in keeping with our long tradition.”

Palfrey's assertion is puzzling, however, given that Phillips Academy's founding constitution favors morality and virtue, traits that are incompatible with Gender Theory:

“But, above all, it is expected, that the Master's attention to the disposition of the Minds and Morals of the Youth, under his charge, will exceed every other care… It is therefore required, that he most attentively and vigorously guard against the earliest irregularities; that he frequently delineate, in their natural colours, the deformity and odiousness of vice, and the beauty and amiableness of virtue..."

The Academy's constitution continues:

"... that the true and fundamental principles of the Christian Religion may be cultivated, established, and perpetuated in the Christian Church, so far, as this Institution may have influence; it shall be the duty of the Master, as the age and capacities of the Scholars will admit, not only to instruct and establish them in the truth of Christianity; but also early and diligently to inculcate upon them the great and important scripture doctrines of the existence of One true GOD, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; of the fall of man, the depravity of human nature; the necessity of an atonement… And, in order to prevent the smallest perversion of the true intent of this Foundation, it is again declared, that the first and principal object of this Institution is the promotion of true Piety and Virtue.”

Why are these two academies turning against their heritage to favor the deceptive and unsound demands of transgenderism? Why would these top prep schools introduce gender confused dorms that treat students like social experiments and serve to foment the blurring of distinctions between male and female?

To oppose the insidious proliferation of Gender Ideology among the most impressionable element of American society – the youth – TFP Student Action is launching a petition drive with two aims: To help students understand human nature as God made it and to protest the perverse concept of Gender Theory in schools.

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