STOP Pro-Transgender Dorms in These Two Elite Schools

  • June 10, 2017
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Starting this fall, "all-gender dorms" and "gender-neutral bathrooms" will be foisted on two of America's top prep schools -- Phillips Exeter Academy and Phillips Academy Andover in New England.  (NPR News)

Ignoring basic biology, boys will be encouraged to act and dress like girls and girls will be encouraged to pretend they are boys.  Like a bulldozer, the gender-neutral craze will crush centuries of tradition, trample human nature and mock God at these two elite schools.  

The American College of Pediatricians has issued a clear warning:

"Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.  Endorsing gender discordance as normal via public education and legal policies will confuse children and parents, leading more children to present [themselves] to 'gender clinics' where they will be given puberty-blocking drugs. This, in turn, virtually ensures that they will 'choose' a lifetime of carcinogenic and otherwise toxic cross-sex hormones, and likely consider unnecessary surgical mutilation of their healthy body parts as young adults."

So, instead of just watching our best schools become promoters of child abuse, we must speak up and say "Enough is enough!"

Please sign this URGENT petition.  God bless you!

Contact information (please be firm yet polite in your communications):

Dr. Lisa MacFarlane
Principal, Phillips Exeter Academy
20 Main Street
Exeter, NH 03833-2460
Phone:  603-772-4311

Mr. John G. Palfrey, Jr.
Head of School, Phillips Academy
180 Main Street
Andover, MA 01810
Phone:  978-749-4000