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What It’s Like to Challenge Both Abortion and Socialism in Downtown Boston

What can be more contentious in a woke city: Opposing the sin of abortion or fighting against socialism? How about addressing both issues?

As part of a one-week caravan, eighteen members of TFP Student Action held campaigns in Boston against abortion and socialism. On October 24, 2023, they conducted a peaceful prayer vigil against abortion outside Planned Parenthood, and then went to Boston University to challenge socialism and its errors.

Fighting for Life

Before sunrise, TFP volunteers drove to Planned Parenthood on Commonwealth Avenue, near Boston University, to support local pro-life prayer warriors. Among them were several stalwart activists with decades of experience in sidewalk counseling. At this location, TFP volunteers prayed three rosaries, sang hymns, and played music.

The bagpipes and the recitation of the holy rosary grabbed the attention of early-morning pedestrians. Some received the TFP flyer “10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn” warmly, while others tore up the leaflet, yelled, or made vulgar gestures.

To shut down the TFP campaign, Planned Parenthood called the police, complaining about the bagpipes. Two officers arrived and told the volunteers to stop the music because it was “running through the clinic.” TFP volunteers complied but reminded the police that no permit was required at other public events. After making a phone call, the officers said the music could resume, which it promptly did. Perhaps Amazing Grace on the bagpipes caused the abortion practitioners to reflect on the gravity of their sin that day.

Truth Challenges Woke Students

After leaving Planned Parenthood, TFP volunteers went to Boston University. Their large banner, “May God Protect America from Socialism,” and leaflets titled “10 Reasons to Reject Socialism” prompted lively conversations and debates.

Socialist: “Communism and socialism are not the same!”
TFP: “Yes, they are. They share the same fundamental points. What do they have in common?”
Socialist: “Equality!”
TFP: “Exactly!”
Socialist: “OK, if Socialism is not the solution, what is?”
TFP: “Organic Christian society.”
Socialist: “I want chaos!”

Private property rights and the advantages of an organic Christian society were at the center of the discussions. However, leftists peddled utopian lies and outright anarchy.

Student: “Eat the rich!”
TFP: “Are you in favor of cannibalism?”
Student: “Yes! I want cannibalism.”

In one odd encounter, a student tried to force a TFP volunteer to take a book on socialism. He shoved his book at him, shouting, “Take my book! It’s private property!” The TFP volunteer responded, “That’s not how private property works. I don’t want your book.”

Another student stated that socialism and anarchy are too orderly. He said, “I want chaos!”

Healthcare: A Catholic Invention

Discussing healthcare is always a go-to topic for socialists who live in a non-socialist country. The subject came up in several debates at BU. The following interchange demonstrates the difference between socialized healthcare and Christian charity.

Leftist: “What do you think about free health care?”

TFP: “Healthcare is a Catholic institution. Doctors need more than just a fair wage. They need virtue and a true love for their patient. That is why monks and nuns cared so much for their patients because they saw the image of God in each one. When society was Catholic, healthcare was free. The Catholic Church invented healthcare.”

The Church also invented universities, public schooling, and hospitals, institutions that socialism seeks to control and destroy under the guise of making them “free” and “equal” for all.

Waves of Support

One student expressed his delight with the TFP campaign. “When I saw you at a distance, I thought, ‘Uh, oh! Another crazy leftist protest.’ But now I see you are against socialism. All your signs are correct.”

A short time later, the TFP volunteers shouted a slogan: “What is the solution to poverty? Christian charity and private property!” The same student shouted his approval, “That’s right! Again, you’re correct!”

Several students from Cambodia and China told TFP volunteers how communism had destroyed their countries. Many other students knew TFP Student Action through its YouTube channel and were happy to meet them in person.

The Best Spiritual Weapon

One Catholic student decided to help TFP volunteers by joining them with a 5-foot cross. “We have to show [the campus] that we stand by the Cross.” In a conversation with this young man, TFP volunteers discussed the best weapon against socialism: the rosary.

Using this spiritual weapon, the TFP caravan is dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

Why? Because socialism attacks harmonic inequality. Our Lady – especially under the title Immaculate Conception – demonstrates the beauty of harmonic inequality. God raised Our Lady to the highest position among all men as Queen of Heaven and Earth. He also gave her the unique privilege of being immaculately conceived, an honor that no other man received. Can a greater inequality among men exist?

Thus, the best weapon against socialism is devotion to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth. From this love stems the wherewithal to combat socialism.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us!

Tomorrow, TFP Student Action will go to Harvard Square in Boston for another campaign. Please pray for us.