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Unmasking Socialism on Campus Receives Popular Support

“I walked up and I read this sign, May God Protect America from Socialism. I was like, AMEN!" said the Penn State University student.

Watch this video from Penn State:

TFP Student Action volunteers just completed a caravan against socialism in the state of Pennsylvania, organizing public campaigns in Camp Hill, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Lewisburg, Selinsgrove, Penn State University, the University of Pittsburgh and Kutztown University. In every location the mission was simple: Unmask socialism.

Socialism is not only a financial fiasco, but also a philosophical and political movement that abhors the hierarchical order God placed in creation. Hence, wherever socialism is implemented, family values and private property are attacked.

On the Front Lines

After a successful campaign in Camp Hill, the anti-socialism caravan rolled into Philadelphia, where we found divided opinions at City Hall.

As soon as a TFP volunteer offered the flyer, 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism, a man immediately responded, "I could give you forty reasons."

A Vietnamese man who had fled from communism was delighted with the TFP campaign and spent some time explaining how much he detested socialism.

At Penn State University in State College, many students approached to talk. One of them said that he used to think that socialism was purely economic, but now realized how it’s a moral issue. Socialism is a movement that destroys family values.

"What about social security?" asked two ladies. TFP volunteer Cesar Franco explained how government dependency is fragile. "That’s why a strong family network is the best way to provide for the future," he said. "Also, there's a demographic problem in countries where the fertility rate is below replacement." The two ladies nodded in agreement. "I think there's a lot of wisdom in having a strong family network," one of them said. "And you’re right about the demographic bomb. The problem is only going to get worse."

Watch the video from the U. of Pittsburgh:

The Last Bastion of Order

Talking about the harm the Left inflicted on his country, a Brazilian student studying at Penn State University said, "the United States is the last bastion of order in the world and Americans don't realize how good they have it."

The TFP caravan traveled to the University of Pittsburgh. Although many students were supportive, pro-socialist advocates on campus did whatever they could to disrupt the peaceful campaign: shouting, cursing, and tearing up TFP flyers, and attempting to justify same-sex "marriage" and even transgenderism. Contempt for the sacred institution of the family is a constant component of leftist ideology.

Antifa Communists Threaten

Antifa activists showed up during the campaign in Philadelphia to threaten and cause trouble. One of them, heavily tattooed with Antifa symbols, said, laced with expletives, “You’re literally in the lion’s den [downtown Philadelphia]. Revolution is the solution!”

Despite receiving threats TFP volunteers stood their ground.

Another Antifa anarchist expressed his hatred for the tie and blazer worn by TFP volunteers. "I especially hate the blue blazer," he said with contempt. Clearly, the anarchist concept of unbridled "freedom" excludes the freedom to dress with dignity and respect.

“Nobody’s a communist anymore,” said a passerby blinded by optimism. With ironic timing, another man with purple hair started screaming over and over at the top of his lungs, “communism will win!” while he brandished his clenched fist high in the air.

In fact, a student at the University of Pittsburgh told TFP volunteers how he and his friend -- known for being conservative -- were attacked by ten Antifa thugs as they left a restaurant. They both tried to defend themselves, but were overwhelmed, pepper sprayed and sent to the hospital with injuries.

Heated Debates

At Penn State University, a pro-homosexual student stated, "I feel sorry for those who are discriminated.” To which a TFP volunteer responded, "I feel sorry for the 100 million people killed by socialism and communism." End of discussion.

Seeing the TFP campaign, a woman objected: “I’m a socialist, God is a socialist. In an ideal world, everyone would own the same amount of everything.” TFP member Cesar Franco countered: "God created the Ten Commandants: Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods. These two commandments protect the right to private property. Therefore, God defends private property." The woman finally conceded, "I have to go to class now, but you have a good point."

The socialist concept of "social justice" is neither just nor social, as the encyclicals of numerous Popes teach.

Several TFP volunteers on the tour play the bagpipes, including me, who am Irish-born. As I played my pipes, a leftist approached with a "witty" argument: "You can't play the bagpipes because you're not Irish." Little did he know...

Socialist: "Are you religious?"
TFP volunteer: "Yes, we are Catholic. And the Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the world."
Socialist: "No, the Church is the largest pedophile organization."
TFP: "And the only reason you're against pedophilia is because the Catholic Church forged a culture and doctrine that condemns pedophilia."
Socialist: [No comeback.]

"They're All Talking..."

The best thing about the university campaigns is the shock-wave it causes among the students. It initiates debates among them and above all breaks the myth that the liberal agenda is unstoppable and cannot be effectively challenged and defeated.

"I was inside the cafeteria, where students congregate, and they're all talking about you," said a student at the University of Pittsburgh. "They're reading the [TFP] flyer and debating it."

May God protect America from the evils of socialism and also raise up a new generation of heroes who are willing to fight for moral values from sea to shining sea.