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Young Catholics Rebuke Gov. Cuomo from New York's Highest Mountain

Watch the amazing video footage:

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When New York State approved late-term abortion on Jan. 22, 2019, pro-abortion lawmakers celebrated with wild cheers. The decision to kill unborn babies up to the very moment of birth received a standing ovation in the Senate chamber.

Even worse, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo not only signed the pro-abortion bill, but he called it a "historic victory." To celebrate the killing of the innocent, the unfaithful Catholic governor ordered New York landmarks to be illuminated with pink lights.

In normal times, Gov. Cuomo would have been excommunicated. But he wasn't. In normal times, our civil and religious leaders would be leading a crusade to defend the innocent. But now they remain silent.

Turning to God and His Blessed Mother for help, TFP Student Action volunteers decided to climb the highest mountain in the State of New York.

Before sunrise on March 16, TFP volunteers set off under light snow for the summit of Mt. Marcy in the Adirondack Mountains. The hardships of the 15-mile hike were akin to a pilgrimage -- an act of reparation to God for the sin of abortion.

After several hours on the trail, weather conditions started to worsen.

But the team of young Catholics pushed on with determination.

The weather forecast at the summit wasn't good: Severe whiteout conditions. Low visibility. A wind-chill of minus 20 degrees. And 50 to 60-mile-an-hour winds.

The mixture of ice and snow was eight feet deep, which demanded snow shoes.

Navigating through a wintry maze of frost-covered conifers, the breathtaking sights revealed the majesty of God's creation.

Already above the tree line, it's time for the final ascent. The force of the howling wind makes progress difficult and dangerous. But with a prayer on their lips to St. Michael the Archangel, TFP volunteers push forward.

Finally, at the top of Mt. Marcy, still battling the fierce wind, TFP volunteers manage to unfurl their banner, which reads:

From New York's highest peak, we say:
"Shame on Gov. Cuomo for legalizing infanticide."
May God receive our act of reparation.

At this time of profound crisis, may God receive our humble prayer -- as well as the prayer of all Americans who yearn for the true conversion of our beloved nation.