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Catholics Triumph Over Ridicule While Protesting the Blasphemous Film 'Benedetta'

These times can be rightfully considered among the evilest in history. Certain outrages are promoted that would never have been tolerated in the past. Among these is the blasphemous movie Benedetta, a pornographic film that ridicules the sublime and virginal vocation of nuns and attacks the honor of Our Lady.

Critics have described the film as “an anti-Catholic screed” which “results in just free blasphemy.” The plot involves two nuns in the seventeenth century in a sinful, lesbian relationship. The movie is filled with unmentionable depravity, which the producers felt free to present to the public.

However, the attack did awaken some souls. The film’s sponsors did not suspect that there might be public outrage. However, they soon found public and vocal opposition to this evil. Activists and supporters of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) soon appeared before theaters nationwide.

A Brazen Blasphemy Publicly Opposed

On December 3, 2021, volunteers from TFP Student Action, accompanied by the angels, traveled to the Lincoln Center in New York City, where the film was scheduled to premiere. These young men were among thousands of Catholics who answered the call to make public reparation for the iniquitous movie. The New York City Rosary rally was among hundreds of protests held that week in reparation for Benedetta.

The rally got off to a calm start, with a few passersby expressing their support and opposition. This quiet beginning allowed the group’s thunderous “Our Fathers” and “Hail Marys” to echo down the street. Some stared at the campaign perplexed, while others instinctively pulled out their phones to record the scene.

However, opposition to the crusade-like mission soon intensified. On a nearby elevated walkway, hecklers shouted unintelligible insults while periodically making animal-like noises. One yelled, “Hail Satan,” a common devil salute at these rallies. Another shouted, “Life without sin boring as [expletive].” Such reactions indicate the kind people who support the film.

The Opposition Increases

Encouraged by the walkway protesters’ misbehavior, passersby on the street launched antics of their own. One cowardly woman shouted insults as she hurriedly passed the protest. Others simply made the typical obscene hand gesture in the direction of the TFP volunteers, even feeling the need to capture the moment with their smartphones. Some shouted that the peaceful protesters were not “truly Christian.” Two lesbians, wishing to display their displeasure more flagrantly, physically expressed their unnatural relationship directly in front of the Rosary rally.

During the Glorious mysteries of the Rosary, a small group assembled across the street and ridiculed the Rosary and the Catholic faith. Initially, any attempt to answer the mob was met with insulting curses. However, as their tempers slightly cooled, one woman argued that there was nothing wrong with the movie, for she claimed that “most nuns are lesbian.” When a TFP volunteer asked if she had ever met a nun, she admitted that she had not. The TFP member then explained that the nun’s state in life was to facilitate not the practice of unnatural vice but virginal purity. The group, however, replied by yelling that “virginity does not exist.”

The Rosary was followed by the Litany of Loreto, during which the volunteers loudly highlighted the invocations of “Mother most pure,” “Mother most chaste,” and “Queen of virgins.” Following the litany, one woman repeatedly screamed in a hateful tone that “God loves everybody.” The response from the Catholic side was taken straight from the words of Our Lord: “If you love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15).

Before departing, two TFP members confronted the opposing side and explained that, as a mother punishes her child who misbehaves, God will punish those who do not follow His law. Their response was that love without punishment is the only acceptable option.

All Things Endured for Our Lady

One might ask why anyone would make a tedious trip to New York City only to meet insults and vulgarities. Why stand out in the cold just to be yelled at?

Such a question is answered by Our Lady’s request for penance at Fatima. By standing and enduring such ridicule, one comforts Our Lady, who is the object of this blasphemy. If a mother is vilely insulted, a good son will do all he can to defend her honor, no matter the difficulty. How much more suffering should one endure for the Mother of God, who is also one’s heavenly mother?

This outlook was perfectly expressed by Kevin Roman, one of the young TFP volunteers present. “It’s part of the reparation, right? Doing penance for Our Lady.”

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