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Catholic College Offers "Transgender" Voice Mutilation

The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, has joined the anti-natural bandwagon. The college now offers “a voice modification program” to enhance the communication skills of men who identify as “transgender women.”

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According to the college website, the weekly two-hour session consists of vocal exercises that modifies “voice quality, pitch, inflection, loudness, resonance, and other characteristics that facilitate the perception of female voice.” Directed by Dr. Jack Pickering and Dan Kayajian, sessions teach students how to distort their natural God-given biology-based voice, including how to cough, sneeze, and swallow like the opposite sex.

Distorting God’s Image

The course obscures the distinction between male and female. Teaching men how to sound like women and women to sound like men pushes our culture one step closer to the darkness of androgyny. There’s nothing the devil would want more than to distort the image of God in humanity by fueling sins against nature.

Saint Rose adopted Psalm 36:10 as its motto: In Tuo lumine videbimus lumen (in Thy light we shall see light). Has the Catholic college forgotten the beautiful meaning of its motto? How can a Catholic institution of higher learning favor the darkness of the sexual revolution and at the same time purport to embrace the light of Christ?

According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, a sin against our rational nature is any act “contrary to reason.” With this in mind, it becomes clear that the transgender revolution attacks reason by violating human nature established by God from the beginning. However, since we live in a world infected with the spirit of revolt, the healthy revulsion towards sin has been lost, which Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira explains in his book Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

What Relativism Does

Transgenderism is a product of relativism, a false belief that denies absolute truth. Simply put, those who accept the transgender ideology inevitably fall into crass relativism because they insist that reality is fantasy. Ultimately, those who follow this false ideology create their own “truth,” which is ever evolving, unmoored from science, and detached from reason.

Sin always has negative consequences. The Washington Examiner reported on a study that reveals how pro-transgender medical “treatment” is so harmful health-wise that it shortens the lifespan of patients by 50%.

“Along with the high mortality rate comes cancer, stroke, tumors and a whole host of medical problems,” said Dr. Quentin Van Meter, head of the American College of Pediatricians who opposes pro-transgender treatment.

Return to Wisdom

To successfully oppose transgenderism, we must rely on wisdom, “the virtue that leads man to seek the highest truth,” according to Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. This virtue will allow us to see and deal with reality as it is and not as imagined.

Wisdom is calm and reflective. It enables us to discern truth from error. By practicing the virtue of wisdom, we will be able to dismantle the lies that we encounter and get the root of the problem.

In this spiritual battle for the future of America, we should imitate the greatest models of wisdom, the Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom, and Mary Most Holy, our mother, who is the Seat of Wisdom. We must follow Their wise counsel and imitate the lives They lived on earth so that we may also live according to wisdom, the first gift of the Holy Ghost.

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Please join TFP Student Action in peaceful protest. Urge the College of Saint Rose to honor its Catholic identity and follow the traditional moral teachings of the Church.

Contact information (please be polite yet firm):

Mrs. Marcia J. White
President, The College of Saint Rose
432 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
Office Hours (EST): Monday—Friday, 8AM—5PM

Lisa Haley Thomson, Chief of Staff

Maria Russo, Executive Administrative Asst. to the President