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10 Reasons Against Socialism Spread Across Gettysburg College Campus


Socialism denies men of their God-given right to own private property. After all, two of the Ten Commandments protect this right. However, the presence of TFP Student Action volunteers at the liberal arts college set off some sparks.

Those driving to the college brimmed with excitement. It was the first college campaign of the semester and TFP volunteers practiced their debating skills during the trip. Supplied with flyers, 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism, denouncing the evils of Marxist ideology, the TFP members took their stand near the campus cafeteria. On site, they said a prayer, raised their banner, which read, “May God protect America from socialism,” and waited.

As lunchtime approached, the TFP pamphleteers busied themselves among the students. “God is dead!” yelled one student as he passed. Bringing God into a debate concerning society jarred the prevailing mindset of the student body in a good way. As fervent Catholics, TFP Student Action volunteers know that God and sound public policy are inseparable. Onlookers were soon intrigued. As students began to form a crescent around the TFP banner, the concept of “separation of Church and state” was mentioned. Hands flew into the air from students eager to ask questions and engage in debate.

Every TFP member was now busy. Some engaged in one-on-one conversations, but others took on multiple leftist students at the same time who asked rapid-fire questions from Black Lives Matter and same-sex “marriage” to evolution and the substance of virtue.

Running out of the campus cafeteria, the chef arrived: “I have to be quick because I’m on the clock. But I’m really thankful that you guys are out here because I don’t want America to become a socialist regime… like Venezuela. These students don’t realize what socialism does to a country…”

“I admire and appreciate your fortitude,” said a conservative freshman. “I have watched your channel for a number of years and was always yearning to see you guys in person. I implore you to keep building TFP,” he said. “It’s a robust network and gaining traction.”

As the debates simmered down, students dispersed.

When students asked for an antidote to socialism, TFP volunteers presented the benefits of an organic Christian society based on virtues such honor as explained in Return to Order. Surprisingly, the concept was not contested but accepted.

In addition to rejecting socialism and its economic nightmare, we must always emphasize that any lasting restoration of order includes the practice of heroic virtue. Thus TFP volunteers will continue to stand up for man’s God-given right to property, and urge the next generation to embrace virtue as a means to achieve true peace.

May God’s grace inspire more souls to stand up for tradition, family, and property, for the good of our beloved nation, and for the urgent restoration of Christian Civilization.