School tells child NOT to wear “Jesus Loves Me” face mask in school – Sign your protest

  • November 19, 2020
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There is a war against God in America.

If that sounds like an overstatement, just consider what happened to Lydia Booth when she went to school wearing a “Jesus loves me” face mask.  The third-grade student felt the heavy hand of radical secularism fall down upon her.

Because officials at Simpson Central School declared:

You can’t display the name of Jesus on your mask! Remove it!

However, within the same school district in Mississippi, students used face masks that promote “Black Lives Matter” and other logos without a problem.

Please sign your peaceful protest today.

Tell the Simpson County School District in Mississippi to stop persecuting Lydia Booth for wearing her “Jesus loves me” face mask.  She has the right to proclaim the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of an elementary school student and her parents.  “No public school student should be singled out for peacefully sharing her religious beliefs with fellow students,” said ADF Senior Counsel Tyson Langhofer.

Nine-year-old Lydia wants to continue wearing her “Jesus Loves Me” face mask to school, but now she is self-censoring her message to avoid greater retaliation – even suspension.

What is happening to the land of free?

Let’s unmask secularism.

Tell the Simpson County School District to STOP persecuting Lydia Booth.

Your peaceful protest will greatly encourage Lydia not to back down.

God bless you!

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Contact information (please be polite yet firm):

Mr. Greg Paes
Superintendent, Simpson County School District
[email protected]

Mrs. Antionette Woodall
Principal, Simpson Central School
[email protected]