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Better Than Boy Scouts

Please sponsor Lewis, 16, for the Call to Chivalry camp. With your help he can become a future leader for moral values.

Catholics Brave Sleet to Protest V-Monologues at Siena Heights University

The wind, snow and sleet made it somewhat difficult," said pro-life leader Kathy Potts who organized the protest.

Bishop Boyea: V-Monologues play 'completely contrary' to Catholic teaching

Bishop Earl Boyea clearly explains why the V-Monologues play is morally wrong. His statement is timely because Siena Heights University, a Catholic institution in the diocese of Lansing, plans to perform the lewd play on April 19-20, despite receiving over 7,800 complaints.

The 10 Answers about True Marriage that USA Today Never Published

Why is the media unwilling to print opinions that favor traditional marriage? Why is the liberal media censoring legitimate points of view that oppose the homosexual agenda's frenzied push to redefine marriage?

Will you join this historic March for Marriage on March 26?

On March 26, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Hollingsworth v. Perry case, which will determine if Proposition 8 – the 2008 ballot initiative protecting marriage in California – is constitutional or not.

Catholic Students at Boston College Ask Fr. Leahy to Reconsider Allowing The V-Monologues

Hats off to The Observer at Boston College, a conservative, Catholic student newspaper. Earlier this month they wrote an open letter to the president of Boston College, Fr. William Leahy, S.J., asking him to reconsider the appropriateness of allowing the sinful V-Monologues play on campus.

Tell the Boy Scouts of America: Don't surrender your honor

The anti-family movement is pressuring the Boy Scouts to surrender. To give up their honor. To accept unnatural behavior -- sin -- and abandon their morally sound membership policy which bars open homosexuals from holding leadership positions.

3 Top TFP Videos of the Year: Which is Your Favorite?

Best videos of the year: 1. Attacked by "Tolerance" 2. Man attacks TFP volunteers, assaults American flag 3. Catholics Fight Obamacare.

Priest at Santa Clara University attempts to justify lecture by pro-abortion author

Those who expressed concern, however, received an unexpected reply from Fr. Michael Engh, S.J., president of the university.

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