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Bishop Boyea: V-Monologues play 'completely contrary' to Catholic teaching

In a April 4 Facebook post, Bishop Earl Boyea clearly explains why the V-Monologues play is morally wrong.  His statement is especially timely because Siena Heights University, a Catholic institution in the diocese of Lansing, Michigan, plans to perform the lewd play on April 19-20, despite receiving over 7,800 complaints from TFP Student Action members.

Bishop Boyea writes:
I recently had occasion to read the script of The Vagina Monologues . Oh my. This production is a train wreck on multiple levels. Most fundamentally, it is anti-woman, reducing her God-given genius and dignity to a bizarre emphasis on one physical aspect of her person.

It struck me that the operative word in the title doesn't start with "v" -- the operative word is "monologue." The script is a series of narcissistic speeches about the physical appearance of female sexual organs, masturbation, lesbian coupling, and other topics that are equally dismissive of the true worth of a woman. As one might sadly expect, there is no suggestion anywhere that a woman might find happiness in a loving marriage.

We live in a world that too often treats women like disposable creatures who exist for sex and little else. While purporting to be part of an effort to oppose violence to women, this theatrical event actually embraces the dismissive outlook on women that leads to violence and exploitation of our sisters in Christ. There is nothing redeeming in this "play" and certainly it contains multiple teachings which are completely contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church as well as violations of human dignity.

Catholic students are asking Sister Peg Albert, president of Siena Heights University, to immediately cancel the scheduled performances of the immoral V-Monologues.

Go here to join their peaceful protest petition

Kathy Potts, director of Jackson Right to Life, told TFP Student Action that "the V-Monologues undermines the sanctity of all innocent human life, most visibly of women."

"My non-Catholic friends ask me why this play is being allowed at Siena Heights University, a Catholic campus," she said. "And it's hard to explain why any Catholic campus would want to promote this filth.  It puts Catholic students in grave danger and leads them on the path to losing their faith."

Call Sister Peg Albert (be polite but firm)

Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD 
President, Siena Heights University 
1247 E. Siena Heights Dr.
Adrian, MI 49221

Phone: (517) 264-7000
Email:  [email protected]