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Hobby Lobby vs. Obamacare at Supreme Court. Pro-life Rally in the Snow.


On March 25, amid a constant snowfall, TFP Student Action volunteers attended a rally at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. to support Hobby Lobby, a craft store with 13,000 employees.

The Green family, the owners of the business, were faced with two options: To violate their consciences by providing abortion-inducing drugs to their employees, as demanded by the HHS mandate under Obamacare, or refuse to comply and pay exorbitant fines to the government. The Greens filed a lawsuit instead.

And today, as their case was heard at the Supreme Court, pro-lifers and conservative leaders and activists prayed and rallied to support the Green family for upholding their moral principles. TFP Student Action volunteers played bagpipes and held a banner, “God’s Law Comes First – Repeal Socialist Obamacare,” as well as signs such as “Real Americans Support Hobby Lobby!”

Pro-life leaders attending the rally included Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League, Lila Rose of Live Action, Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, Jeanne Monahan of March for Life, Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life.

While pro-life leaders delivered speeches, another crowd, only an earshot away, yelled for broader so-called abortion and pro-homosexual "rights." Planned Parenthood signs were most visible. The contrast between the two groups was unmistakable. One pro-abortion/pro-contraception “women’s rights” speaker, for example, loudly celebrated her abortion. The crowd screamed in raucous support, chanting "this is what democracy looks like." Pink Planned Parenthood hats and pro-abortion signs coalesced with pro-homosexual rainbow flags and signage.

A few of the TFP volunteers conducted interviews of pro-lifers, and many happily answered questions and commented about the blatant persecution unleashed by socialist Obamacare. However, the opposing side was tight lipped. One man, for instance, simply responded that he did not know why he was at the rally: “I don’t really know about this Hobby Lobby thing, all I know is that I am pro-choice.”

As the Green family descended the stairs of the Supreme Court, they were cheered and applauded by the pro-lifers awaiting them outside. Many chanted, “Hobby Lobby! Hobby Lobby!”

After the rally, pro-lifers remarked how the rally was “more than worth attending,” even though they “arrived at 5:30 AM!”

Although we should pray for a positive ruling of the case, this rally was an episode in a larger moral battle that we must continue to peacefully fight, asking God to protect America from the grip of socialism and atheism. As Catholics we must stand up for God’s Law to defend His Honor. It may seem difficult, but the truth triumphs in the end.

In the meantime let us render unto to God what is God's, and to Caesar what is Caesar's.