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Victory for God’s Marriage in Maryland


By the grace of God, a bill that would have legalized same-sex “marriage” in Maryland failed on Friday. Although the fight for traditional marriage is far from over, the bill effectively died in the House of Delegates, lacking the votes needed for passage. The bill’s unexpected defeat stunned pro-homosexual activists.

Before the House proceedings started, TFP volunteers were at the doors of the Maryland State House peacefully demonstrating and praying. It was our ninth day on campaign and the atmosphere was highly charged. Anticipation loomed.

Good and evil: Two worlds apart

On arrival, we found our usual street corner occupied by a group of pro-homosexual activists. They held ambiguous signs with phrases meant to sound “normal” such as “protect all families.” The saddest scene was a baby stroller with two small infants flanked by two women. Over the babies heads was a sign: “Too young to hate.” The media flocked to them and ignored the pro-family supporters.

The police directed us to position ourselves down the street in a more obscure part of the Capitol complex. We complied, and joined a group of traditional marriage supporters chanting “Save marriage! Vote no.”

The honking kept up at a good rate for God’s marriage, although interspersed with a few obscene gestures and hateful screams. After a short while, a group of pro-homosexual individuals tried to take control of our location and push us further down the street, but their attempt earned them a rebuke from the police.

A ranting troublemaker

After a few hours, the homosexual activists abandoned their corner to hear the proceedings inside the State House. At an invitation from the police we moved our campaign to the much more advantageous position left empty by the opposition. At this location the honking drastically increased, but the display of hatred also escalated.In fact, a pro-homosexual man blocked part of our banner with a sign that read “These people are BIGOTS.” Every other word out of his mouth was foul. When TFP volunteer William Stover asked him why he wanted to impose his viewpoint on others, he menacingly snapped: “I’m going to punch your teeth all the way down your ******* throat.”A very sweet, motherly lady standing with us was his next target. He verbally insulted her with such obscene violence that she began weeping. Finally, a policeman escorted him away.

We fought the good fight and the Blessed Mother won

Soon, we received the first indication of victory. Pro-traditional marriage delegates approached the street corner with the joyful news that the bill had been sent back to committee and was therefore dead, for this year at least. We were also told that a number of junior Maryland delegates received tremendous pressure to favor the homosexual agenda, including personal phone calls from Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

After receiving many expressions of gratitude from traditional marriage supporters and delegates, we packed up the campaign, and departed, grateful for this great victory, which was won only with God’s grace, through the maternal intersession of Our Lady.