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Support for the Police Debunks False Leftist Narrative

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Early Monday morning, the leader of TFP Student Action, John Ritchie, presented two possibilities for TFP volunteers and freshmen of the Sedes Sapientiae Institute. He gave them the choice of staying indoors to “rest on soft couches” and catch up on sleep for the upcoming school year, or pile into an uncomfortable van and publicly support the police force under attack.

Without hesitation, the young men chose not to rest.

Instead of resting, the volunteers went first to the Carlisle police station with St. Michael’s medals and five sets of bagpipes to show their appreciation for the often forgotten defenders of order. The young men walked into the building as the officers were receiving a Chick-Fil-A delivery, and pleasantly surprised them with the powerful medals of St. Michael and a short bagpipe concert.

“Thank you for living out your faith,” said the deliveryman. “Do you want Chick-Fil-A sandwiches too? I have some more.” The Chick-Fil-A worker who was donating food to the police department also gave TFP volunteers a bag of breakfast sandwiches.

Police officers then gathered in the parking lot to hear the bagpipers play “God Bless America” and other patriotic songs.

Next was a “honk” campaign in downtown Carlisle, Penn. The sun was hot, but not hot enough to burn out the joy that comes from defending a noble cause. After starting the campaign with a few Hail Mary’s in honor of Mary, the Queen of Angels, TFP members began to invite passersby to show their support: “If you love America, support our police!”

Every police officer walking by was offered a St. Michael medal, and a warm “thank you for your service.” One officer accepted the medal: “I’ve been dressed in Kevlar for thirty years in the police force. Thank you!” Another guard standing on the Courthouse’s steps was happy to show the volunteers his own coin stamped with the warrior-angel.

“I follow TFP online, the rosary rallies in every state,” said a gentleman who prays the daily rosary. “This made my day.”

Countless cars and trucks blasted their horns in response to the sign, reading: “Honk for our police.”

The rally ended with a prayer and the TFP battle cry: “Tradition, Family, Property… America, America, America!”

After enjoying the lunch provided by the deliveryman, TFP members went to the Camp Hill police station, where they handed out three more medals and played “God Bless America” and “Scotland the Brave.”

Proceeding to a busy intersection in Camp Hill, they received more “honks for the police” and thumbs-up during rush hour traffic. One woman filming the campaign on her phone expressed her excitement: “This is awesome!”

The few curses or middle fingers from some disgruntled drivers did not rival the honks coming from those who cherish law and order. TFP member Domenick Galatolo gave a medal to a boy passing by on his bike at the intersection. The young man was happy to learn about the “first police commissioner” in history, the Archangel who kicked Lucifer out of Heaven when he revolted.

Indeed, history can be divided into two camps, between those who serve God and neighbor and those, like Lucifer, who repeat the prideful cry of non serviam, I will not serve.

Through St. Michael the Archangel, the great warrior-intercessor in Heaven, may Our Lord and Our Lady protect America and grant the police the grace of fortitude to continue their noble service in maintaining peace and order in society.

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