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Extremely Woke Campus Panics Over Peaceful Pro-Life Crusade

The right to life is a basic human right. But Ivy League students at Brown University have a different opinion: Woke students elevate abortion above innocent life. That’s what TFP Student Action volunteers found out when they visited the campus during their week-long tour in defense of the unborn.

While TFP volunteers prayed peacefully, pro-abortion students reacted in strange ways. One abortion advocate spat at the pro-life sign that reads, “Abortion offends God!” Other students ripped up TFP flyers or played instruments to disrupt the peaceful demonstration. One student in particular used a saxophone to provoke a reaction.

But TFP members remained calm and on message. Despite liberal hostility, these Catholic young men stood firm in their faith and conviction that abortion is a grave sin against God. The innocent in the womb must be protected.

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