Jan 24, 2024 Print this article

Two Americas: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion

Within 24 hours, two extremely different marches took place in Washington, D.C.: The March for Life and the Women's March. The annual March for Life is the largest pro-life event in the world. This event is prayerful, patriotic, and joyful.

In complete contrast, the Women's March promotes abortion, feminism, gender ideology, transgenderism, and homosexuality. This event is woke, angry, and vulgar.

TFP Student Action went to both marches to ask the following questions:

  1. What word describes your mood the most: joy or anger.
  2. What is a woman’s greatest gift?
  3. True or false: Only women can be mothers.
  4. Do you like the concept of One Nation Under God?
  5. What does abortion do?

People at both marches answered the same questions in vastly different ways, revealing a profound divide within the nation between the Godly and ungodly.

These two marches represent two Americas. One America loves God and fights for moral values. The other America attacks family values. In this battle for the soul of our nation, between the right to life and abortion, between right and wrong, between truth and falsehood, where do you stand?

Which America will you fight for?

Which march would you go to?