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EXPOSING Planned Parenthood

TFP Student Action volunteer Alexander McKay prompted many honks as he protested Planned Parenthood.

A resolute contingent of pro-lifers, including TFP Student Action volunteers, gathered in front of Planned Parenthood’s office downtown Hanover, Penn., on February 14 to oppose the culture of death. Their prayerful protest was part of a nationwide Vigil for Victims of underage sex trafficking.

Live Action, a pro-life student group, conducted a sting operation in January to expose one of the dirty secrets about Planned Parenthood: their willingness to facilitate the sex trafficking of girls as young as thirteen.

The organization sent a man and woman to six different Planned Parenthood buildings in Virginia, New York and New Jersey. The couple said they were involved in “sex work” asked for assistance in procuring disease testing, birth control and abortions for prostitutes as young as thirteen. The Planned Parenthood employees, far from dissuading the illegal sexual abuse this represented, offered assistance and even, in some cases, explained how minors could obtain abortions without being reported!

All these operations were recorded and can be viewed at:


Worse yet, one Planned Parenthood employee explained how minors could use taxpayer funds to procure services. Of course, there is plenty to go around since the nation’s largest abortion provider receives over 300 million taxpayer dollars each year.

Fortunately, the Expose Planned Parenthood Coalition is calling on Americans to stand up to this injustice and send a loud message to Congress that we no longer want our tax dollars to support that to which our consciences are opposed.