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What Does NYPD Stand For? Not What You Expect.

TFP volunteers took to the highway once again to support the police in New York City.

As the van neared the police station, five bagpipers got ready to play outside the 45th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in the Bronx. The “surprise” demonstration included patriotic music and a display of signs: “God bless our brave police” and “God bless those who serve with honor.”

After playing God Bless America on the street, an officer appeared at the second-floor window. The leader of the campaign, John Ritchie, told the officer about the group’s undertaking.
“We brought St. Michael medals for you,” he said.
“You got one for me?” asked the officer. “I’m coming down!”

More officers poured out through the building’s double doors to receive St. Michael medals and hear about the TFP’s nationwide campaign to support the police. Nearly 2,500 Rosary Rallies for the police will be held across the country on September 26, 2020.

Visibly encouraged by the outpouring of support, one policeman invited TFP volunteers inside the station. “This place is your home,” he said in a thick New York accent.

(Video: See what people think about the police in Baltimore.)

"Chasing" the Police

As TFP volunteers pulled away from the curbside, they met an officer who was searching for them. “I want to give you some NYPD patches,” he said. “I just gave them to the police cruiser.” Although the police patrol car had already traveled down the street in fast-moving city traffic, the officer insisted to “go track them down.”

Off went the TFP van, “chasing the police.”
In a few minutes, the TFP van pulled up side-by-side with the police cruiser.
“Are you the ones who played the bagpipes?” asked the officer inside.
“We have patches for you.”
Traffic on the street came to a brief standstill as the officer flipped on his lights, got out of his car, and exchanged NYPD patches for a supply of Saint Michael the Archangel medals.
Both parties drove off happy with the transaction.

Visiting Two Fallen Heroes

Taking advantage of the trip to New York, TFP volunteers visited the grave sites of two of their deceased members, Mr. Fred Porfilio and Mr. Daryl Huang. They both died in a car accident thirty years ago in the service of Our Lady, their Heavenly Queen, during a campaign for Lithuania’s freedom from Soviet occupation in 1990.

After praying for the repose of their souls, and in their memory, TFP Student Action held a “honk” campaign for the police at a busy intersection.

Many honks later, a man walked up and said, “Do you know what NYPD stands for? -- Need Your Prayers Daily.” He expressed his appreciation for the police and our troops. “I pray for them daily. I’ve had a lot of interaction with the police in my lifetime, and their role is irreplaceable,” he said. “I tell people that if they don’t support the police, if they don’t want to stand behind our troops, then stand in front of them.”

The last Saint Michael medal was given to a police officer who responded to a car accident at the intersection. “I appreciate it!” he said. He also took photos of the TFP campaign with his phone.

Thank God, Americans everywhere are stepping forward and saying: “We support our police. Down with anarchy. Down with disorder.” The 2,500 pro-police rallies planned for September 26, 2020, are an expression of that growing support.

Pray for the Police

Furthermore, more than 13,795 people have pledged to pray for the police force by signing TFP Student Action Prayer Pledge.

May Saint Michael, patron and protector of the police force, keep our brave officers safe and give them the courage to continue protecting the moral fabric of the Red, White, and Blue.