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Victory! Planned Parenthood DELETED

TFP Student Action is glad to announce that Rosemont College – a Catholic institution – has removed Planned Parenthood from its web site, where it was listed under “career paths and opportunities.

”The listing was pulled less than 24-hours after the TFP launched its online protest, which generated over 2,500 emails and personal letters urging the president of Rosemont College, Mrs. Sharon Latchaw Hirsh, PhD, to remove the mention of Planned Parenthood.

“It’s a shame the listing was there to begin with, but I’m glad it was quickly taken down,” said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie. “Catholic colleges should be champions of virtue and staunch defenders of innocent life.

”TFP Student Action volunteers are grateful to everyone who participated in this effort.

May God bless you and reward you!

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