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Maryland March for Life: Abortion is 100% Immoral


Pro-lifers are fighting an uphill battle against abortion in Maryland. Nevertheless, they are confident in God’s grace and ready to continue the noble fight.

The 2024 Maryland March for Life kicked off in Annapolis on March 11, 2024, drawing pro-family advocates from across the state. Among them was a young contingent of TFP Student Action members who provided rousing patriotic music and a selection of Marian hymns with their pipes and drums.

If the shouts and cheers that filled the streets didn’t let government officials know what brought so many people to the state capitol, then the TFP bagpipers sure did.

Holding signs and banners that read “Pray and Act Against the Sin of Abortion” and “Let Their Hearts Beat, pro-lifers took a bold stand. Keynote speakers at the rally included Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, and Laura Bogley, Executive Director of Maryland Right to Life.

TFP Student Action volunteers distributed flyers titled "Four Things to Remember as the Pro-Life Movement is Put to the Test.” We should never forget the Dobbs victory that overturned Roe v. Wade, the flyer argues, nor ignore how the right to life is a religious battle. Above all, the spiritual battle against the sin of abortion is a clash of mindsets centered on a moral issue.

“We’re going to win: I know it!” said one confident pro-lifer.

“Maryland is Mary’s land! And we will continue to fight for Our Lady!” exclaimed a Catholic woman who displayed her rosary, the spiritual weapon of our time.

“Abortion is 100% immoral. And no amount of word salad, no sophistry or euphemism can justify the intentional killing of an innocent baby,” said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie. “Since there’s no right to murder, it’s impossible to imagine a right to abortion.”

Maryland was established by Sir George Calvert, a convert to Catholicism, intending to make the English colony a haven for persecuted Catholics. He named the region “Maryland” after the Queen of England at the time, but many Catholics in Maryland believed he also named it after the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Please pray for the end of abortion so that Maryland may once again be Mary’s Land, a state where innocent life is protected and the sin of abortion is made unthinkable.