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Texans Say NO to Indecent Drag Queen Storytime for Toddlers

“Texans: Will you allow your children to be sacrificed on the altar of transgender ideology?"

"Will you cross your arms while public libraries destroy the innocence of children?"

These slogans were chanted by 19 brave souls in front of the Freed-Montrose Public Library in Houston, Texas, on August 25, while “Drag Queen Storytime” was going on for children inside.

Sign Your Protest to STOP the "Drag Queen Story Hour"

The public library has the following description for this shameful event on its webpage, “These vibrant Queens will help to instill a sense of love and acceptance in our children while encouraging them to be true to themselves."

The library is located on Montrose Ave., a liberal part of Houston.

After the pro-family rally begun, several angry individuals came out and attempted to intimidate those praying on the sidewalk. They snapped pictures and recorded with their phones. Rally participants, however, cheerfully and calmly continued to pray the rosary, ignoring the provocations.

Reactions by car traffic were pro and con. One man wearing a shirt that displayed the word “Revolution” cursed at us. He later came back with a hot pink sign that read, “Ignore the trash,” and told the pro-family advocates that, “If you died right now, you would make a lot of people very happy.”

Other passersby honked in our favor and gave thumbs up approval. One young woman stopped her car, thanked us and asked for literature.

After an hour of prayer, hymns and slogans, rally participants sang the Salve Regina and chanted "Tradition, Family, Property! -- America!"

To unfurl our banners in such a liberal part of town and face hostility with calm cheerfulness was a victory for Our Lady in itself. May She protect our children from the ravages of the pro-homosexual revolution and put an end to the "Drag Queen" perversion which is targeting children as young as 3 in public libraries and schools nationwide.

Sign Your Protest to STOP the "Drag Queen Story Hour"

Watch the TFP protest in Lafayette, Louisiana.