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"Drag Queen Story Time" Postponed Indefinitely Because of Protest

Headlines from Lafayette, Louisiana:

  • "Drag Queen Story Time" postponed until new venue can be found - KATC
  • Drag Queen Story Time officially postponed - The Advertiser
  • Organizers call change in venue for Drag Queen Story Time "temporary setback" - KATC

Because of widespread protest, the Lafayette Public Library decided not to host the pro-homosexual "Drag Queen Story Hour" for toddlers. But instead of canceling the offensive program that targets children as young as 3, the library moved the event to South Louisiana Community College (SLCC). As the peaceful protest continued to grow, however, the college nixed plans to allow the event on campus.

Now let's find that story book that probably isn't in the Children's Library anymore, because it's too "old-fashioned" and needs to be replaced with gender-fluid and pro-transgender titles for preschool children.

Once upon a time there was an Emperor who loved clothes... One day, two strangers arrived at the Emperor’s palace... The Emperor promised to pay the strangers anything they wanted if they would have the new clothes ready for the big parade. But suddenly, a little voice from the crowd rang out: "The Emperor has no clothes!"

We all know the story. But do we know how it applies to today?

In short, when good people proclaim the truth with holy boldness, the forces of darkness retreat.

You prayed, you spoke, you phoned, texted and emailed. More than 17,000 of you signed the TFP Student Action petition to the American Library Association, the Lafayette Public Library Board of Control and the Lafayette City-Parish Mayor and City Council.

Peaceful Protest is Held on Oct. 6

"Today we held our Public Rosary of Reparation and peaceful protest near the locale where this corruption of children was going to take place," said Thomas Drake, director of TFP-Louisiana.

"This is not exactly a victory rally, because the devil never sleeps," continued Drake about the Oct. 6 gathering outside South Louisiana Community College. "However, it is a psychological victory over those who believe that moral decadence and the destruction of the innocence of children is the dawn of A Brave New World."

"In August, so many news stories tried to impress on the American public that this Drag Queen Story Hour had massive popular support in Lafayette and Acadiana," Drake observed. "Now, the excuse for postponing the event is because of massive popular opposition. The immoral event never had the popular support it claimed to have."

"And now, by the grace of God, the silent majority is no longer silent," said Thomas Drake. "We are speaking up and defending moral values. The sheep are kicking the wolves away. We are protecting the innocence of the next generation."

As we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7, let us draw courage and confidence from Her closeness to Her Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. The world and the Church are facing dangers much greater than those at the time of the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. Many times in history mankind has gone astray from God, but miracles of grace, repentance and pardon brought us back.

May God's grace bring America back to serve Him.

Remain Alert & Vigilant

  • If the "Drag Queen Story Hour" program appears at your local library or school, don't be silent. Speak up! Use the following text to write a letter of peaceful protest to the leaders in your community.
  • Protect the innocence of children. The "Drag Queen Story Hour" is designed to be "the grooming of the next generation," confessed a drag performer on video. Nobody has the right to rob children of their innocence.
  • Sign the national petition to STOP the "Drag Queen Story Hour."