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7 Ways Socialism Harms America


1. In schools students are taught that evolution is scientific dogma, while the invocation of God is forbidden in classrooms.

2. The presence of Ten Commandment monuments are being banned from the public square.

3. A climate of "class struggle" permeates relationships between employers and employees, professors and students, parents and children and so on.

4. Today's massified society deprives man of his individuality which can be seen in a real dictatorship of the media that imposes “politically correct” behavior and inhibits reaction against unbridled permissiveness.

5. Forces imbued with radical egalitarian metaphysics seek to eliminate any inequality in the family, society or within the Church.

6. The right of private property is being progressively eroded by an ever-growing tax burden.

7. Finally, we have the passage of the pro-abortion health care bill accurately described as socialist. Indeed, this was the TFP’s own assessment presented in a public statement titled: "Socialist Intervention in the Private Sector is Not True Health Care Reform.

"Other articles from the media highlight this same socialist focus. To mention a few: "Barack Obama’s Socialist Philosophy,"1 "Socialism Creeps In As America Sleeps,"2 or "Obama's health care reform is socialism."3

Thus, we see the advance of socialism in America.

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