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Shattering the Pro-Homosexual "Bigotry" Myth at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison

TFP promotes moral values at "Berkeley of the Midwest"; sees spiritual combat first hand.

The strange myth that permeates liberal campuses goes something like this: To believe in the sacred and natural institution of marriage between a man and a woman is an act of unforgivable "bigotry" which cannot be tolerated in 2015. At the University of Wisconsin -- Madison (UWM), also known as the Berkeley of the Midwest, the liberal myth is widespread. The famous marketplace of ideas now offers a single product -- the acceptance of homosexual behavior otherwise known as equality.

That liberal consensus was shattered, however, when a team of young TFP Student Action volunteers arrived on campus on Friday, Oct. 23 to promote God's marriage. Their large banner in the middle of campus emblazoned with "God's marriage = 1 man + 1 woman" attracted attention. Lots of students would look at the banner, continue on their way, then stop and turn back to get a second glance of the banner. Those who missed the sight could easily pick up the sound of patriotic bagpipe music wafting across campus, courtesy of TFP bagpipers.

Spiritual Combat

After reciting three Hail Marys aloud, TFP Student Action volunteers began to distribute their rebuttal to same-sex unions: 10 Reasons Why Homosexual 'Marriage' is Harmful and Must be Opposed.

The first student to be offered a flyer responded “NO!" followed by "Hail Satan!,” revealing his allegiance to the father of lies. One cannot serve two masters. While those who proclaim the truth about God's marriage between husband and wife have the name of the Virgin Mary on their lips, the advocates of same-sex "marriage" utter the dark name of Satan in the open. What a spiritual battle this is.

Seconds later, a woman with the airs of a professor blurted: "You don't have permission to be here. Oh, I'll make sure you get removed from this university." She grabbed her cell phone and started making phone calls that never amounted to anything. The campaign continued. But as you can tell, UWC is hostile territory, a tough place to promote moral values.

Three young women unleashed a barrage of profanities and insults at TFP volunteers. It was common to see students ripping up and slapping flyers out of TFP volunteer’s hands. Despite the constant curses and middle fingers, TFP volunteers kept their courteous composure and focus.

But the pro-homosexuals went further. On one occasion, two men began to kiss shamelessly in front of the banner. On another, two different men began to perform lewd and immoral gestures with each other. Upon ending the campaign, a man on his bike said, “I’m very tempted to make violent threats to you.”

"This is very encouraging."

Although the opposition may have been vocal, it did not intimidate the good students who supported us.

Calmly walking up to the banner with a flyer in her hand, one young woman thanked us for what we were doing and said, “This is very encouraging. Very encouraging. People get persecuted here on campus for their belief in the biblical definition of marriage.” Another student commented with much enthusiasm, “You guys are ticking off a lot of people, and it’s good!”

“This is great,” exclaimed one man walking by. He added, “Same-sex ‘marriage’ is crazy. What will be next? Will people be able to marry a goat if they want?!

” While a heated campaign was unfolding on campus, an equally intense controversy was growing on social media. An older man came up and informed TFP volunteers that, “[you are] causing quite a stir among the university community on Yik Yak.” Yik Yak is a social media cell phone application which allows users in their immediate location to anonymously post comments on a public online forum for all to see. One such post read, “Protesting gay marriage on one of the most liberal college campuses in America? That’s a bold move Cotton…

”Comments about the TFP pro-family campaign ranged from supportive to hostile, and even threatening.

Examples of Opposition

-- “Protesters right now: You’ll burn in hell…”
-- “I felt a strong urge to vomit while passing the protesters.”
-- “Where are they? I want to pick a fight!”
-- “I’m half-tempted to punch them in the #### so they won’t spread their bigotry.”
-- "Where is this happening? Can we throw rocks at them?”

Examples of Support

-- “Ah, so physical violence is okay when you don’t agree with someone’s beliefs?”
-- “What happened to free speech?”
-- “They have a right to share their beliefs, even if you don’t agree with them.”

All in all, the radical malcontents were challenged and those who remain faithful to tradition were encouraged and strengthened in their resolve to continue fighting for true marriage. For those who want to see, the pro-homosexual "bigotry" argument melts away faster than ice cream on a hot frying pan because the name calling and cursing was only coming from the anti-family camp, not from pro-family advocates. The "bigotry" myth was shattered.

Fight to Honor God

God’s marriage was once again proclaimed on yet another notoriously leftist university. In spite of all opposition, TFP volunteers remain firmly committed to continue standing up for moral values on college campuses.

Yes, it is a tough battle. Unjust laws may be handed down. Supreme courts may attempt to normalize sin, but as long as the American people refuse to buckle and bend to the ungodly dictatorship of the homosexual revolution, there will be hope for our nation. As long as we fight to honor God and family there will be hope for our future. The grace of God will assist us and give us the courage to persevere and overcome evil.