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Pro-Abort at Gettysburg College: "I've Had 17 Abortions"

Wearing a large rainbow flag, the pro-abortion woman stood there visibly not pleased with what she saw: TFP volunteers promoting the right to life. 

Attempting to counteract TFP Student Action's campaign for moral values, the woman yelled and ranted in favor of abortion, coaxing students to visit "The Women's and LGBTQA" center at Gettysburg College.  She held a telling sign: "I've had 17 abortions."

Seventeen abortions?  The sight was morbid.  So much so that a student passing on his bicycle paused to chat with TFP volunteers:  "That woman's sign grosses me out!" he said. "Our culture is crazy.  Keep up the good fight."  He grabbed a TFP flier, 10 Reasons to Defend the Unborn, and rolled down the sidewalk.

Some pro-life advocates believe abortion is the only moral issue worthy of attention.  While abortion is certainly one of the most important battles of our time, it is vital to see the big picture and realize that the Culture of Death has joined forces with the homosexual movement.  How else do you explain why the pro-abortion feminist boasting "17 abortions" would don the rainbow flag as her preferred symbol?

Indeed, the homosexual movement -- including its quest to destroy the biological difference between male and female -- and the abortion industry are not separate entities, but one and the same monster, the same Revolution, two intertwined components of the same Culture of Death.

One student challenged TFP volunteer Robert Nunez, claiming that life doesn't begin at conception.  Looking for backup arguments, she Google-searched the topic and didn't like the results that came up on her smart phone: "Wait," she said. "That's definitely not the answer I was expecting."

At Gettysburg College, faculty members did not display the open-mindedness that is so often preached by them. "You can't be here," said a professor.

TFP volunteer: "We were looking for an open-minded campus."

"We're not open-minded for you."

That ill-disguised open-mindedness is old hat.  What we see more frequently is the open tyrannical imposition of ungodly propaganda that destroys reason and, therefore, undermines the foundation of education itself. 

Two-plus-two is still four.  True.  But for how long?