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Planned Parenthood Has Not Won the Heart and Mind of America

Report from Lewsiburg, Penn.
July 21, 2017

Today is Friday, our fifth day on the TFP anti-abortion caravan. We departed this morning from the TFP headquarters at 9:30 am. As our vans traveled northbound on highway 83, a bald eagle flew directly over us. The sight of such a majestic bird garnered a well deserved round of "wows." At about eleven, we were on the streets outside Lewisburg, Penn., the site of our morning campaign.

There was little foot traffic where we were, so we focused on the passing cars. We had many honks in our favor. The smaller towns -- such as Lewisburg -- are notably more conservative than the larger towns such as Harrisburg.

We did have some contention. Early on in the campaign a man stopped his car nearby and delivered his only best line: "Where are the women?" As an all-male group fighting for the innocent, we hear the same phrase fairly frequently because abortion has been framed as a so-called "women's rights" issue. Apparently, one has to be a woman to know what is right and wrong.

Others drove by and yelled related things such as, "It's a woman's choice," and "I would listen to you if you were a woman." Many who said these things were men themselves, but rational thought is a neglected art these days.

With a concerned voice, a woman said from her car, "The next American Civil War will be over this topic."

Overall, the consensus was in our favor. Almost every passing vehicle showing any reaction at all honked for us. One gentleman, whom we think was a minister of some sort, took the trouble to cross the street and thank each one of us.

We left that intersection at about 2:30 pm, and drove to the St. Louis de Montfort Academy for a late lunch, after which we unloaded at another intersection and began again at about four o'clock. We had a lot more of a rebuttal this time. "Why are you ruling my life?" yelled one driver. A second driver sped past us shrieking like a demon.

Expressions of enthusiasm grew. Most large trucks passing by honked for us. One lady, also stopping at the light, told us that she worked for the bishop of that diocese, and that she was very pleased with what we were doing.

At about 6:30, we lined up on the sidewalk, said a prayer, and delivered the TFP battle cry. The public prayer and motto, "Tradition Family Property -- America!" -- seems to affect passers-by the most, as such manifestations of Catholic militancy are uncommon in the public square. After that we disassembled the standards, took down the signs, loaded up and headed back to the headquarters. It was a good day.

Tomorrow we head to Gettysburg, Penn. Please pray for us.