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Fr. James Martin Fans Hate the Rosary but Love Sin

Georgetown University invited the notorious pro-homosexual priest Fr. James Martin, S.J. to speak on campus. As part of Jesuit Heritage Month, the talk was hosted on November 6 in Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart.

Before Fr. Martin’s talk began, a contingent of TFP Student Action volunteers held a prayerful protest outside Georgetown’s Healy Gates. Their goal: Defend Catholic teaching and reject Fr. Martin’s agenda to normalize homosexual sin within the Holy Catholic Church.

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Who is the Rainbow Jesuit?

Fr. Martin, known as the rainbow Jesuit, has a public record of undermining Catholic teaching on the family and twisting the sanctity of marriage. Some of his actions include:

  • Saying Catholics should “reverence” homosexual unions (sin).
  • Supporting transgenderism for children (child abuse).
  • Favoring homosexual kissing during Mass (sacrilege).
  • Tweeting a blasphemous depiction of Our Lady (blasphemy).

Because of these heterodox actions, TFP Student Action volunteers organized a rosary of reparation outside Georgetown University. During the prayerful protest, young Catholics held a banner: “We support Catholic teaching and reject Fr. Martin’s attempt to normalize homosexual acts.” They also gave out flyers warning students of Fr. Martin’s anti-Catholic agenda.

LGBT Rage against the Rosary

Some “Catholic” students – fans of Fr. Martin – were enraged with the rosary and formed a counter-demonstration to disrupt its recitation. The symbols they waved declared their affinity with sin: Assorted rainbow, bisexual, and “genderqueer” pride flags. The official description of the “genderqueer” flag they displayed defies logic: “People who identify as genderqueer may see themselves as being both men and women, as neither men nor women, or as falling completely outside the gender binary.”

As TFP volunteers calmly prayed, one woman shouted: “Shut the [expletive] up!”

Between each decade of the Rosary, when the “Ave Maria” was sung, a pro-LGBT advocate shrieked at the top of his lungs to disrupt the praises to Our Lady. Pro-LGBT activists made perverted gestures and comments too filthy to mention. These insults and blasphemies were directed against TFP volunteers, their family members, the rosary, Our Lord, and Our Lady.

Barking, Spitting, Gyrating

The woke behavior went from bad to strange.

Unable to present logical arguments, the counter-demonstrators blasted pop music from cheap speakers. One brought a drum, which he pounded in a frenzy to silence the Our Fathers and Hail Marys. Jesuit students joined the cacophony, cavorting, gyrating, and simulating unnatural behavior. Losing self-control, a cavorting liberal tripped on the curb and toppled to the ground.

Spitting at TFP volunteers and barking like a dog was another response witnessed.

Defending the Catholic Faith

The contrast was stark. On one side of the street stood TFP volunteers with calm demeanor in prayer. On the opposite side was a blaspheming mob shrieking with vitriol and blasphemy. At intervals, the ringleader with a megaphone interrupted the rosary with insults against the Catholic Faith, sneering at God as “your sky daddy.”

In the clash, brave souls stepped forward like modern-day Veronicas who wished to console the Sacred Heart of Jesus Who is so gravely offended. One student walked down the line of TFP volunteers, shaking everyone’s hand. He debated the rainbow advocates.

Another brave student joined the rosary. “Good work!” he said. “God bless you!”

An older woman confronted the mob by herself. She rebuked them for their vulgarity and lack of decency. “But they won’t listen to reason,” she said. “It makes me think how Our Lord was treated when he walked the earth. His message was rejected back then, and it is rejected now, too. Thank you so much for what you're doing.”

Do those who blaspheme the Mother of God truly love the Catholic Faith? Why did Fr. Martin’s supporters turn to perverse insults of Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Rosary? Does Fr. Martin want people who sin against God and His Church to be “accepted” into the Catholic Church without proper repentance?

The young Catholics who prayed at Georgetown witnessed the effects of Fr. Martin’s outreach. Under the guise of love and accompaniment, the rainbow Jesuit leads souls into the jaws of pride and sin and away from the virtue of purity, confession, and conversion.

Destroyer of All Heresies

Catholics must stand firm and faithful despite the current crisis shaking the Church. With child-like confidence, those who love God can regroup around the Blessed Virgin Mary, trusting in the ultimate victory of Her Immaculate Heart. All heresies in history have crumbled before the throne of the humble Virgin, She who crushes the head of the proud and wicked serpent (Gen. 3:15). Therefore, there is every reason to believe that Our Lady will destroy the homo-heresy of pride that undermines moral values and leads so many souls astray.

The traditional antiphon proclaims: “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, for thou alone have destroyed all heresies.”

Queen of Virgins, pray for us!