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Father Capodanno: Beyond the Call of Duty

Although wounded three times, Fr. Capodanno refused to be medi-vacked. Like a ray of hope in the midst of the storm, he went up and down the line caring for the wounded and anointing the dying.

Are Protests Against Blasphemy Effective? The Other Side Speaks

Organized protests against blasphemous and offensive movies, plays, and art exhibits don't, as some say, "attract free publicity."

Proudly Rejecting Abortion in the Public Square

As pro-lifers from across America gather for this year’s 35th Annual March for Life, we are proud to be part of a visible force in the public debate that has surrounded the abortion issue.

No Happy Ending for Abortion

Although sympathy for abortion runs deep in Hollywood circles, movie producers refuse even to raise the issue in their films, citing the stigma of abortion created by the pro-life movement.

Embryonic Stem Cell Delirium

Embryonic stem-cell research has a proven record of failure, yet many scientists refuse to consider using adult-stem cells, a technique that has already cured 66 diseases and counting.