Media - Ben Broussard

VIDEO: Kermit Gosnell killings like 'weeding your garden'

Abortion is "like weeding your garden." TFP Student Action members travelled to Philadelphia to campaign against abortion. The atmosphere was highly charged as the young men formed outside the Center for Criminal Justice, where final arguments in the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell were taking place.

Amazing March for Life video: Over 500,000 Press on to Victory for the Unborn

Despite the freezing conditions, an immense crowd could be seen in all directions, composed mostly of young people full of enthusiasm for the cause of the unborn and the future of the family.

VIDEO: Fighting for Traditional Marriage in Maryland: "Wake up America!"

TFP volunteers toured the state of Maryland for a 10-day caravan in support of traditional marriage. From the outset we expected the issue to be quite heated, and this expectation proved true from day one.