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VIDEO: Fighting for Traditional Marriage in Maryland: "Wake up America!"

TFP volunteers toured the state of Maryland for a 10-day caravan in support of traditional marriage. From the outset we expected the issue to be quite heated, and this expectation proved true from day one.

Great support in the state capital

Our tour brought us to Annapolis, the capital city of Maryland, where we distributed 10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful.

Along with the usual banner, red standard, fliers, numerous signs, we had a bagpiper to accompany the campaign. All week there had been threats of stormy weather, but today was the only day we had any rainfall. The final campaign of the day was beside an overpass with a vast amount of traffic. When the rain began, we moved banners, standards, signs and bagpipes beneath the overpass. When the rain subsided after a mere fifteen minutes, we emerged back into the busy intersection, thankful for the uninterrupted support throughout.

While in Annapolis, members of the caravan were able to visit the grave of Col. John Ripley, USMC, on the grounds of the US Naval Academy. Col. Ripley’s heroic life has long been an inspiration to many members of the American TFP. After praying at his tomb, we proceeded to Bancroft Hall, where we viewed a diorama showing Col. Ripley in his efforts to destroy Dung Ha bridge. The sacrifices made by Col. Ripley in defense of the good during the Vietnam War and his fight for moral values throughout his life served as encouragement for us to continue our efforts in defense of God’s marriage today.

Volunteers spent 10 days criss-crossing the state of Maryland in defense of God-ordained marriage

Baltimore: big city with big reactions

Baltimore is Maryland’s largest city. Our first campaign near Northern Parkway received the most support of any campaign yet. After honking enthusiastically, one woman asked from her car, “Can I join you?” She proceeded to park nearby and hold one of our signs, shouting to all those passing, “Wake up America! Wake up America!” The reaction from motorists was overwhelming, nonstop honks in support of marriage. After encouraging us in our campaign, she again reiterated the seriousness of her support, “If I don’t have something to die for, I don’t have something to live for.”

Near the end of the campaign, a large rock was thrown from a passing car going about 35 mph, narrowly missing TFP volunteer Francisco Shibler. The heavy rock split in two upon hitting the concrete a few feet away from him. Had the rock hit him, it would have caused significant damage.

The final campaign was near an onramp to one of the Interstates serving Baltimore’s downtown area, with huge amounts of traffic coming from multiple directions. The atmosphere became tense as cars coming from one direction seemed to have nothing but support, while those coming from another way had almost nothing but contempt. Nearby was housing for a liberal university, and a counter-protester emerged holding a handmade sign, with many others joining her soon afterward. Standing on opposite sides of the street, our group prayed the Rosary while the opposers tried without success to get motorists to honk for them. As we finished the Rosary, an officer with the Baltimore Police arrived and parked his car to prevent the pro-homosexual activists from following us.

Thus concluded the Maryland caravan, but the battle to defend America from the homosexual revolution continues. May God strengthen all who defend the sacred institution of marriage.