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First 'Gift of Life Walk' Conquers New York City

Pro-life advocates march down Broadway in Manhattan to end abortion.

2017 March for Life: A New Era in the Fight to End Abortion

Young pro-life Americans stormed Washington, D.C. in defense of the unborn.

Pro-Life VICTORY at Georgetown

The pro-abortion club called Medical Students for Choice was removed from Georgetown University's web site.

Catholic Campus Allows Club that Trains 'Tomorrow’s Abortion Providers'

Join the protest today. Medical Students for Choice don't belong on any Catholic college.

Boston College Deletes Planned Parenthood from List of Internships

The Catholic college scrubbed Planned Parenthood off its website after 8,000 students and parents voiced their concern.

Abortion ‘more safe than giving birth’ says professor at Catholic College of Mount St. Vincent

Why is a pro-abortion activist teaching at a Catholic college? Of all the tenets of Catholic social teaching, perhaps the clearest and easiest to grasp is the right to life. However, Bianca Laureano, Professor of Sociology at the Catholic College of Mount Saint Vincent, is actively promoting abortion inside the classroom.

Georgetown University Puts Planned Parenthood Above Catholic Fidelity

"Those in authority at Georgetown seem committed to 'political correctness' rather than fidelity to the Church!” -- Cardinal Wilfrid Napier.

Catholic College to Welcome Two Pro-abortion Activists, Bell Hooks & Gloria Steinem

Why is a Catholic institution hosting two famous pro-abortion activists, Gloria Steinem and Bell Hooks, who attack Catholic moral teaching?

Good News: University of St. Thomas DELETES Planned Parenthood, Other Pro-Abortion Internships

Good news to report: Your voice for moral values is making a difference.

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