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Brown University Update: Cheers and Jeers

TFP banner at Brown University before getting attacked.

The TFP campaign for traditional marriage at Brown last week sparked a large number of reactions, both good and bad. First, our readers will find a sample of negative responses, even approving of violent retaliation. And second, there are joyful comments in favor of God's marriage.

Negative Responses

Posted on Democratic Underground: "Only utter morons would think that an anti-gay rally could be held there. I'm surprised they didn't have the **** beaten out of them."

Student from Brown: "Bringing your anti-gay campaign to Brown of all places? Prepare to be destroyed."

Blogger: "Who is to say intellectuals and men of reason can never, ever show aggression? I don't think that. Violence and aggression can, on occasion, be a vehicle of reason, not its enemy... If someone else bagpipes and banners into your community, can you take them down and still be civilized? Of course you can, and when circumstances are outrageous enough, you are obligated to do a rough takedown."

Comment: "...Next time they play Scotland the Brave, I say we smack them in the mouth..."

Blasphemous blogger: "If I ever run into them I will taunt them with a consecrated Catholic communion wafer. I have a few in my collection of edible messiahs... Sometimes you just have to show utter disrespect for things they believe are sacred. Also exercising our right to be blasphemous neutralizes the power of religion."

Lanjier: "Who do they think they are dealing with? ...We are going to DESTROY you."

Katie: "I'd be glad to make my tax contribution to build dungeons for them. Cruel and unusual punishment should be their fate."

Bridgette L.: "Simply put, it is time to put the Bible away and have an honest, fact-based discussion - or it is time for tolerance to come to an end."

Positive Responses

Thumbs up for God ordained marriage.

From Joseph: "Keep up the good work you guys... courage in the face of adversity. Keep the Lion of Judah in your hearts always and never lose heart when they persecute you, for they persecuted Our Lord too and no servant is greater than his Master.

From Joanne: "You guys must be the Navy Seals of Catholicism."

Student from Brown: "I am a student at Brown, and I think you guys should come back more often! Brown is one of the most morally liberal schools in the nation (and a high profile one at that), and for us Catholics and Christians your guy's presence is a great reminder of what we stand for. And please email out when you'll be back so you can invite Brown students to come and join you. I am sure you'd be surprised how many would be willing stand by you."

From Gina: "I truly admire these young men who stand in the face of such vile and hateful adversaries to speak the truth. God bless you for being so heroically brave in these terribly troubled times. March on, Christian Soldiers. I wish there were more Catholic (and Protestant Christian) men with such impressive bravery."

From Sally Fong: God bless TFP advocates! You are awesome standing up to such a tsunami of vicious attacks by the "tolerant ones." Thanks be to God for your courage! I will be praying for you. Keep up the good fight!"

From James: "If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you: A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you" (John 15:18-20). Good job men of God!

From Michele: "You gentleman are truly AMAZING!!!! It's wonderful to see how calm and dignified you all are opposed to the other side that feels they need to be vulgar and disgusting to be heard. All of you men have my prayers and support."

From Mary: "How sad that today so many take evil for good and good for evil. Your brave and courageous stand is not unnoticed by those who believe the truth as you do, and by those who do not. Your witness encourages others who must soon decide which side they are on. And most importantly, all is seen by God."

From Irene Denke: "Just knowing that there is a TFP gives me hope. I did cry when I saw your article."

From Desiree: "So here's the deal: THEY want US to tolerate THEIR cause or sexual orientation or whatever, but THEY persecute us when WE try to stand up for OUR cause. WE didn't do anything to them when THEY were out there with THEIR flags and signs, but when WE do the same thing for OUR cause, WE get attacked. I'm confused... how is this, in any way shape or form, logical? "Blessed are those who are persecuted in my name..."
God bless TFP!!!

From Erin Woods: "Wow, what courage you people have to stand up for God the way you do!!! If spittle, abuse and a little violence is what we have to put up with to stand for Him, the reward we receive eternally cannot be measured. I am praying for you in Australia. God bless!!!"

From Urban Mbithi: "TFP. Your zeal for God's love makes me cry. I stopped my work to say a Hail Mary for you. If only I were that strong."

From Andrea S.: "Thank God for TFP! You make me proud to be Catholic. Keep up the good fight and stay strong."

Reconsidering the rage...

YouTube comment: Although I was there in the protesting group, and I was chanting along with the pro-gay marriage chants, I do believe that the screaming, profanity, and SPITTING was over the top... the rage expressed by us as Brown students showed a lack of maturity at best."