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Truth vs. Transgender Clash at Georgetown Campus – They Spit, Yell, Curse

Although Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic university in America, many of its students and faculty members are at odds with Church teaching.

When TFP Student Action volunteers visited the Jesuit campus on April 4, 2022, to defend family values, they met a mob of unruly students who attempted to kick them off the public sidewalk and deprive the young Catholic group of their right to free speech. Not only did pro-LGBT activists attack God and the basic human biology, but they also disrupted the recitation of the Rosary with spitting, yelling, twerking, and cursing.

No Tolerance for Truth

On Monday morning, the team of young TFP volunteers stood at Georgetown’s Healy Gates, raised the TFP standard, and unraveled a 12-foot banner, “God Created Them Male & Female (Gen. 5:2). Stop the Ravages of Transgender Ideology.”

As the two-hour campaign progressed, leftist Catholics expressed radical hostility against Catholic moral teaching concerning God’s plan for marriage and family. One yelled, “I’m a devout Catholic! This is disgusting!” Another screamed, “I hate all of you for doing this!” A faculty member of the theology department, overstepping his authority, ordered TFP volunteers to leave the public sidewalk. He also suggested that since Vatican II, a new theology was adopted by the Church, making homosexual sin more acceptable.

To disrupt TFP’s peaceful demonstration, pro-transgender students uttered a constant string of vulgar insults and slogans sprinkled with the f-word. One man, who was politely offered a pro-family flyer, spat at the author of this article. Curses filled the air, making coherent debates more and more difficult.

Jesuit-educated leftists tried to reconcile Catholicism and immoral behavior, using a warped and sentimental notion of charity. But they, too, resorted to vulgar, uncharitable insults after TFP volunteers calmly dismantled their errors with logic and science.

TFP volunteer: “Do you believe the fact that men are created with XY chromosomes and women are created with XX chromosomes?”
Pro-transgender student: “Yeah... I mean no but their gender can be different.”
TFP: “Gender is whatever you think it is then?”
Student: “Yes. Gender is whatever you think.”
TFP: “If gender is a social construct, then I can be whatever I want?”
Student: “Yes.”
TFP: “Then I can be a tree?”
Student: “No.”

Although outnumbered, TFP volunteers stood their ground. Their bold defense of God’s law attracted positive reactions. One young woman, visibly happy, said: “Thank you so much for being here! You have no idea how bad it is here.”

“Faithful Catholics are a minority on campus,” said a young man, “but we exist.”

Expressing his approval of the TFP banner, a repentant soul said, “As an ex-homosexual, I’m hoping more LGBT seek the Lord and learn how wonderful He is.”

“But It Doesn’t Hurt You.”

The pro-homosexual movement crafts slogans to justify the normalization of anti-natural behavior, even the mutilation and irreparable damage to children’s healthy bodies. “If it doesn’t hurt you,” they say, “why should you care?”

What is more harmful -- and offensive to God -- than the deliberate surgical and chemical mutilation of innocent children? Moreover, a recent endocrinology study by Amsterdam University Medical Center found that “transgender” medical treatment shortens the lifespan of patients by 50%. Dr. Quentin Van Meter, president of the American College of Pediatricians, confirms that “along with the high mortality rate comes cancer, stroke, tumors and a whole host of medical problems.”

But the mob at Georgetown didn’t want to hear these facts.

Pro-Transgender Mob Grows

Within a short time, a growing leftist crowd formed on the sidewalk. They blared perverted music over a loudspeaker and shouted insults on a hand-held bullhorn. Multiple times, the woman using the bullhorn yelled obscenities into the device only inches away TFP member Michael Drake’s face, leaving him hard of hearing. “The volume was extremely high,” he said. “My ears were ringing!”

The scene was Hellish: Frantic dancing, lewd behavior, same-sex kissing, and twerking. By their obscene behavior, the pro-sin crowd revealed which master they serve.

But TFP volunteers remained focused and polite under the abuse. Two of the group’s bagpipers played traditional Catholic hymns in honor of the Mother of God and patriotic music such as God Bless America. The reverent music clashed with the lewd lyrics coming from the mob’s loudspeaker.

The clash between good and evil was real and went beyond a simple discussion about whether men who pretend to be women should play on a female sports team. The division touched on the eternal, the difference between Heaven and Hell.

The Holy Rosary Wins the Day

Finally, TFP Student Action members responded to the tumult with prayer. With rosaries in hand, they invoked the Queen of Angels to assist them in their crusade to defend moral values. For a moment, the prayers shook the hecklers to the core. The Catholic Left did not know how to respond. Their screams became even less coherent, and their antics more childish.

As a result, the pro-transgender advocates unmasked themselves at Georgetown. Their spitting, yelling, and cursing revealed how enslaving sinful behavior can be. It demonstrated, moreover, that we cannot serve two masters. We either serve God and follow His commandments, or we follow Lucifer, the father of lies, the master of the sexual revolution.

TFP Student Action will continue to serve God, promote the truth on college campuses, and encourage more souls to follow the heroic path of virtue, purity, and sanctity.

Taking a Principled not a Personal Stand